12 Tweets About Relationships Not Working Out That'll Make You Say #ItMe

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Is there anything more disheartening than the harsh realization that your relationship simply isn’t working? I think not. Very often, it’s not for lack of effort or love, either. Sometimes, no matter how many honest conversations a couple has, or therapy sessions they attend, or relationship advice articles they read, they just can’t hack it. Perhaps that’s what makes the many tweets about relationships not working out so devastating to read — they’re relatable AF. Because if you’ve ever had to face facts that you and bae may not be right for each other after all, you know it can be a tough truth to swallow.

There are so many reasons why a relationship might not work, too. It could be a practical or logistical issue — like the fact that you and bae live thousands of miles apart — that gets in the way of your happy ending. Or, it could come down to a discrepancy in long-term values or goals, like if one person wants to get married and the other doesn’t. Other times, it’s infidelity or another betrayal that proves too difficult for one partner to get over. And occasionally, it’s just an issue of incompatibility.

But here’s the thing: It doesn’t really matter why a relationship isn't successful — because regardless of the underlying problem, it’s still heartbreaking all the same. The person who you thought was "The One" turned out to be just another one who didn't work out. Still, these tweets serve as proof that at the very least, you can reap some pretty powerful wisdom from a painful situation.

When Timing Is A B*tch

Too. Real.


There is, in fact, a way to handle a breakup with grace, maturity, and compassion.

The Cold, Hard Truth

There is, in fact, a way to handle a breakup with grace, maturity, and compassion.

When Priorities Don't Line Up

Ain't nobody got time for that when the semester is in full swing.

When Lizzo Is Your Dating Guru

"Shampoo press, get you out of my hair..."

No More Questions, Please

"it didn't work out" should be enough.

Self-Love FTW

Let's all just take a moment to soak in how profound this alternative statement can be. Self-compassion is key when it comes to healing after a relationship ends.

When Indifference Is An Issue

If bae isn't woke — and worse yet, they're complacent about it — it's OK to keep it moving.

The Struggle Is Real

Ugh, is there anything worse? "I know I was planning our wedding yesterday — but JK..."

"Be Better For Your Next."

Serial monogamy is a real thing. Remember — taking some time to focus on you could actually help you pursue stronger, healthier, and happier relationships down the line.

Trash Talk Is Never Cute

You're better than that, TBH.

An Important Reminder

Feeling encouraged? And maybe just a little less alone? That’s the idea, fam. While reading a handful of tweets may not take the pain away, they can certainly serve as an effective reminder that many of us have been through failed relationships — but more importantly, we’ve all made it through to the other side just fine. And when in doubt, always refer back to some words of wisdom from that b*tch herself, AKA Queen Lizzo: "We just keep it pushing like aye yi yi."

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