12 Things To Do On Your Birthday Alone, So You Can Have Your Cake & Eat It All, Too

Every year, you've gathered the most important people in your life and celebrated your birthday. Ready to switch things up a bit? There's nothing wrong with opting for the solo route this time around to do something really special. You'll want to get creative with things to do on your birthday alone, because your satisfaction is all that matters. (You are a one-woman show, after all.)

Many of us came into this world alone, so you shouldn't feel bad about baking your cake and eating it, all by yourself, too. Think about it: You're going to gain such a different perspective of your birthday when you soak up every second by yourself. You can do all of the things you love without planning around anyone else's schedule but your own.

You love having a celebratory cheers with your girlfriends on your birthday, but enjoying a glass of champagne (if you're 21 or older) after your relaxing massage sounds amazing too, right? However old you are turning, it's a new chapter you should enter with as much positivity and clarity as you can. If this is your quarter-life birthday, a day alone will definitely help you shake off any of those "crisis" jitters. Think of these 12 ideas as a gift from me to you, and you'll unwrap so much joy on your birthday.

1. Treat Yourself To A Fancy Spa Day


A spa day on your birthday is a perfect way to unplug from the distractions of your daily schedule, and completely unwind. Get the royal treatment, and let relaxation take the wheel, queen. You're going to feel so rejuvenated afterwards, so treat yo' self to something you've been wanting to try for a while. Red wine facial, anyone?

2. Rent A Bouncy House Just For You


OK, you may need to ask your parents to borrow their yard, but a moon bounce will be so much fun. You won't have to wait your turn or bump into anyone while having fun in your exclusive inflatable playhouse. You can bounce as long as your heart desires (or until your rental period is up for the day).

3. Take A Solo Road Trip To Someplace On Your Bucket List


Pack enough clothes for a few days, and hit the nearest freeway. You can plan where you're going beforehand, or let your wanderlust take you in the right direction. Exploring new places on your special day will allow you to unplug, discover some gems, and live in the moment.

4. Welcome A Fur Baby Into Your Life


Of course, it's crucial to first consider if this is a good time in your life to take on the responsibilities of caring for a furry friend of your own. If it is, what better way to finally welcome the pup of your dreams into your life than on your birthday? Your birthday just got pawfect real quick.

5. Eat At The Nicest Restaurant In Town


Table for one, please? Any real foodie knows a nice meal is mandatory on such a special day. Pull out that sequined dress and those adorable pumps, and head out for the night. You can also cook yourself your favorite meal at home.

6. Check Something Off Your Bucket List


Your birthday and your bucket list go hand-in-hand. Scratching something off your dream list is what you live for. You'll cherish it on another lever if that particular memory is made on your birthday.

7. Get A Ticket To Watch Your Favorite Band


Experiencing your favorite music or art up close is so fulfilling. Place yourself in the front row if you can. It'll seem like everyone is performing just for you, birthday queen.

8. Try To Get As Many Birthday Freebies As You Can


Make a list of all the places that will give you free stuff on your birthday. Try to get to them all or as many as you can. You're on your own time, remember?

9. Create Something Meaningful With Your Own Two Hands


Have you been wanting to take that pottery class or get all in your nostalgic feelings and go to Build-A-Bear? Create something meaningful to you! There's nothing like bookmarking your birthday with something you made with your own two hands.

10. Plan An Epic Staycation


Maybe you don't want to wander too far on your birthday, or you just have the night to celebrate. Book an Airbnb or a bed and breakfast in a part of your city you don't get to see very often. It's still a vacation away from what you're used to, and you just might discover a new favorite restaurant, bookstore, or coffee spot.

11. Take A Trip To The Go-Kart Track


Look at you, speed racer. You may not be able to control how fast time is going, but you can put your foot to the pedal and experience your own speed. Get your race face on.

12. Take That Class You've Been Putting Off


Have you been wanting to take that master class by your favorite choreographer, or that Italian cooking class down the street? It's your birthday, so treat yourself. You'll master the skills with your birthday glow in just about no time.

A birthday spent alone can be just as eventful as all of the others. You are, after all, the best kind of company.