Schitt's Creek Mother's Day Gifts

These 'Schitt's Creek'-Inspired Mother's Day Gifts Are For The Moira To Your Alexis

You should bring your mom or the mom figure in your life a different kind of rose this Mother's Day. Nothing makes her smile more than Schitt's Creek and the family who learns to love each other's company during an unexpected stay in a motel. You probably catch her tearing up at "simply the best" scenes like when Patrick serenades David, and when Moira and Alexis bond over lunch. These Schitt's Creek-inspired Mother's Day gifts on Etsy will lead to more happy endings and happy tears.

These Schitt's Creek-inspired gifts on Etsy bring the beloved characters and episodes to life. Any fan of the Pop TV sitcom — which has picked up a ton of accolades throughout Moira's favorite season: awards — will easily recognize the references like "fold in the cheese" or "love that journey for me." On Mother's Day, in particular, your mom might start reciting a scene in its entirety or raving about David's iconic sweaters over a tasty brunch.

As a fan of the show yourself, you'll likely chime in to show your mom you are her disgruntled but loving pelican. You're there for her when she's lost her earrings or needs her wigs to be picked up in the proper container. You're also there for her on Mother's Day with lots of love and these Schitt's Creek-inspired Mother's Day gifts in tow.

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This Spoon Set For Folding In The Cheese

First is this set of wooden spoons ($22, Etsy) that's engraved with David and Moira's famous lines from the "Family Dinner" episode. In the ep, the duo makes the family's enchilada recipe, forgetting what it means to "fold in the cheese." These spoons will become a staple in your mom's kitchen, where she may prepare her very own enchiladas.

This Candle From Your Mother's Bébé

While your mom may not tell you in the same rugged voice as Moira, you are her bébé. She looks at you, and remembers when you took your first steps and the first day you went to school. This Mother's Day candle ($18, Etsy) will light up her world, just like you do every day.

This Rose Apothecary Tee That's Both Stylish And Durable

When David takes Roland shopping at The Blouse Barn, he's quick to note that no stylish outfit is also durable. This Rose Apothecary shirt ($13, Etsy) may be the one exception to the rule, and will be an amazing addition to your mom's closet. It can be paired with jeans, sneakers, and a fashionable jacket.

This Notepad That's The Total Schitt

At the beginning of each week, your mom may write down all the items on her to-do list. Typically a to-do list isn't fun, so she'll appreciate this Schitt's Creek notepad ($10, Etsy) that says "Schitt List" on the top. It's a total Monday #mood.

This Necklace That's A Little Bit Alexis

Your mom needs "a little bit Alexis" in her life and closet, and that's where this sideways initial necklace ($47, Etsy) comes in. It looks exactly like the one that Alexis wears in Schitt's Creek, and can be customized for your mom. It's also available in gold and silver.

This Tote Bag That's Anything But "Ew, David!"

Has your mom ever wished that Rose Apothecary was an actual place? If so, this Rose Apothecary tote bag ($15, Etsy) is bound to be your mom's new BFF on shopping trips. While you wait for it to come in, gather up some moisturizers, lip balm, or flowers to put inside.

This Planter That Sends Its Warmest Regards

It can be hard to keep a houseplant alive. To quote Moira, each can be a little melodramatic. This planter ($23, Etsy) will cheer your mom's plants on, though, with the David's go-to greeting, "Best wishes, warmest regards." Pair it with a new plant or the sweetest card.

This Soap Dispenser For Spa Nights At Home

David was no stranger to spa nights, or going to the spa. You could often catch him doing a facial, with Stevie by his side. If your mom loves a night of self-care and soaking in the tub, it's only right to get her this soap dispenser ($19, Etsy). It can hold shampoo or soap, and is super aesthetically pleasing.

This Serving Board For Fruit Wine Tastings

Every wine tasting needs a charcuterie board, and this small serving board ($11, Etsy) is the perfect one for your mom, aka the biggest fan of Schitt's Creek. It shows David sitting in the field in Amish country, pitchfork in hand, and is LOL-worthy.

This Travel Poster That Can Hang In A Great Hall

While a family portrait would also be a great gift to give your mom, this Rosebud Motel travel poster ($17, Etsy) will look just as good in your mom's hallway. It has a vintage vibe that might make guests wonder if it's a real place. (We wish.)

This Phone Case That Features Moira's Wigs

When it comes to Moira's wigs and outfits, your mom can't choose a favorite. With this phone case ($20, Etsy), she can show her love for them all. It features Moira's pink wig and Crows look, among other honorable mentions.

This Bracelet For Your Mom's Next Adventure

Like Alexis, your mom is always on the brink of an adventure. This hand-stamped bracelet ($20, Etsy) will accompany her on every exciting journey she goes on post-Mother's Day and be a sweet reminder that you're supporting her along the way.