12 People Reveal The Most Daring Places They've Hooked Up On Campus

It's the most wonderful time of the year: the start of a new semester. While sitting in seminars for hours at a time might not be the best part of moving back to campus, there are certainly other things that make college worth it — making new friends, exploring old interests, and all those bucket list places to hook up on campus. That's right: Hooking up on campus may not be recommended by your dean, but a lot of students partake anyway.

I asked a handful of women to share their daring campus hookup stories, from frolicking in cornfields on the outer edge of the quad, doing it in their best friend's dorm room bed. While their tales are sure to make you literally LOL, know that it's completely OK if they don't mirror your own college experience. While these four years are definitely a time for women to explore their sexual preferences and desires, everyone approaches that journey on their own terms. Additionally, if you do choose to be sexually active in college, make sure that you're practicing safe and consensual sex. Use protection, communicate regularly with your partner, and consider routinely visiting your campus health center for check-ups.

Check out these entertaining and ridiculous romps, which are sure to remind you why they call college the best four years of your life.

A Grad Student's Office

"When I was an undergrad, I asked a grad student in my field on a date. We started hitting it off and things went really well. We had been sleeping together for months, and I brought him coffee in his T. A. office while I was on my way to class. He started feeling me up and then put his hand on my mouth and said “shhh”. So I shut the door and I rode him on his office chair. His office was right next to my professor's class that I was on my way to, so I pulled up my panties and I went to my next class with semen running down my leg."

— Sarah,* 25

The Agricultural Department's Cornfield

"I was driving my ex to the airport and I wasn't going to see him for a while. As we drove by the cornfield near the end of campus, my ex told me to pull over and we went to town in the cornfield. Walked right out afterwards and no one suspected a thing."

— Britney*, 23

3.The Library Stairwell

"One night, my ex and I were studying in the library and wanted to go to the basement to get a snack from the vending machine. The stairwells of the library are huge with large hiding places that aren't well lit. I was wearing a dress and tights, so I pushed him against the wall and we... studied. Now that I think about it, I am really surprised we didn't get caught."

—Haley,* 24

The Dorm Bathrooms

"The best thing about being gay and femme is that no one questions it when two girls with long hair go into the same bathroom stall together. I had so much sex with my ex-girlfriend on campus and in her dorm while her roommate was asleep simply because we weren’t out and no one thought twice about two gal pals going to the bathroom together and having a sleepover."

— Gab*, 22

A Popular Off-Campus Bar

"I had always wanted to have sex in the bathroom of this one really shady bar. My current boyfriend was super willing to oblige me when I was moving away, so we went out and ended up at the bar. We locked the door and I got a little crazy because I was drunk. The next morning my boyfriend told me that I had flung my bra off and it landed in the toilet and I was on my period so... I accidentally marked the wall with a bloody handprint like in Castaway."

— Taylor,* 26

The Music Practice Room

"I was casually seeing this guy in college and we were at a nice bar drinking craft beer. We were talking to a few friends over beers, and they got caught up in their own convo. While they were distracted I leaned over to let him know that we could either keep drinking beer and making small talk or that we could leave and have sex on a piano in the music building. He promptly chugged his beer, drove to my house to grab a speaker and some condoms, and then ran up to the fourth floor of the music building to hook up. Afterwards, I got up and said, 'Twas a lovely time. I got to check it off my sex bucket list.' (I was a music student, and I needed to have some experience in a practice room that wasn’t practicing music). The rug burn was pretty intense afterwards, but it was worth it."

— Natalie,* 23

A park Near Campus

"I had sex in the park near campus once. I just laid my sweater on a picnic table one night and went at it."

— Jessica,* 24

A Fallen Tree Next To A River Right Off Campus

"Once I had a one night stand on a tree trunk that had fallen over into the river. Basically, he and I were a little drunk and just friends when randomly we started to get naked. His shoe actually fell into the river below us without us ever realizing it. We biked back to his place after and had more sex and then in the morning I ended up leaving a note telling him that I'm gay and I didn't know where that came from, but that I wanted to stay friends. He never called me again and I had a scratched back for a while because of the darn tree."

— Madeline,* 23

Behind A Very Important University Fountain

"During homecoming things got a little weird. I was doing a scavenger hunt with a another frat as a part of the festivities. We found ourselves near a very famous fountain, looking for our clue, and... took advantage of the way that the fountain hid us from anyone seeing anything. It was fun."

— Brianna,* 25

A Classroom

"The only thing I liked about speech class was the fact that I hooked up in the classroom with one of my group speech partners once. We happened to be practicing late into the evening. My partner had public speaking anxiety so we went to the room to practice so that he could feel more comfortable giving the speech the next day. We hooked up on the floor behind the large desk at the front. There were cameras in the corner I think, but we never got called into anyone's office so I guess it's safe to retell.. Now that I think about it, maybe he was pretending to have speech anxiety just to hangout with me."

— Sam,* 23

A Restaurant

"During a snowstorm, it was a really slow day at the restaurant where I worked. So we got in for our shift and everyone’s just relieved that we weren’t gonna cook for 400 people. All the cooks are straight chilling, cracking jokes and taking our time with prep work. We do our daily clean of the kitchen before we all sit down to eat a family meal. I walk over to the storage closet to grab a mop and I see the guy that I was low key hooking up with, and he’s changing the mop head. He goes 'I bet someone could have sex in here right now and nobody would notice,' and there was a slight pause and I was like, 'the hotel is letting the cooks stay overnight because all public transit is shut down.' He closed the door and then well, we, you get the picture."

— Erin, 24*

Her Best friend's Dorm

"I was visiting a friend at her college and staying over for the night at her dorm, and at one point in the night, we met up with a mutual friend from our hometown who I'd always thought was really cute, but i’d never really spent enough time around him to make a move. long story short, we were flirting and kissing and dancing the entire night at a party, and i took him back to my friend’s dorm room (my friend was still out and about doing her own thing), and then things, you know, escalated. we ended up having sex in my friend’s bed (she has somehow forgiven me for this), and because karma is 100% real, her roommate walked in on us and was awkwardly like “Oh ok, I'll come back later,” my friend may have forgiven me for this, but i’m pretty sure her roommate still hates me."

— Liz,* 24

A Wendy's Parking Lot

"There's a Wendy's parking lot behind campus. It's on the way home from the health center that gives out free condoms. Honestly, it's just economics at this point: condoms, frosty's. I don't think more explanation is necessary."

— Beth,* 24

Remember that no matter where you decide to have sex, to practice safely and to make sure you have your partner's continuous consent. As long as you're doing so, enjoy adding these locations to your Fall 2018 Bucket List!

*Names have been changed

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