How Karma Is Actually The Reason You're Heartbroken

by Michelle Burnwell

We’ve all heard it: Karma is a bitch. What goes around, comes around.

Karma is a force that gives you back what you put out in life. We live in a world in which everyone is connected by six degrees of separation or less. When you treat someone like sh*t, somewhere along the line, the same sh*t will happen unto you.

Some people don’t believe in karma — I used to be one of them — but I’ve found that it can manifest in many different ways. This mystical force can affect all facets of life, but it seems to especially present itself in love.

Heed karma’s warning and proceed with caution when acting. The path of revenge has many casualties, including your own. Karma can strike quick as lightening or work its course in a number of years.

The battlefield of love is a cruel and nasty one, especially when bad karma comes out to play. Bad karma is extremely contagious because people are unable to break away from it. One common saying communicates that you get what you don’t want, but want what you can’t get.

Those who have been hurt or scorned by a loved one become wounded and are unable to trust. In turn, he or she may start to “play the field,” if you will, and hurt those who come along the beaten path.

The minor gratification brings pain to others, creating the vicious cycle of heartbreak. The inability to trust a new person or use a person for temporary pursuits has negative effects.

Not if, but when the person finally finds someone with whom they truly want to be, karma will come out in some form for all the hurt he or she has caused other people.

This type of situation has happened all too many times. You get hurt, so you hurt others. You don’t want to be the only person feeling stupid and played so you go out and do it to someone else. In turn, the people you hurt are tempted to do the same thing to others.

You contribute to the cycle and self-sabotage yourself by limiting your own ability to find a meaningful relationship.

That guy who screwed you and three other girls over? Karma will get him. That ex-girlfriend who cheated on you with your best friend? Karma will get them both. Don’t go out of your way to make it happen. Be patient because karma will send someone or something to do the dirty work for you.

Every action warrants a reaction. No good arises from producing bad karma. It will bite you in the ass and continue to do so until you throw some good karma in the mix.

The biggest challenge that emerges from heartbreak is to prevent retaliation. Anger and sadness often create the worst decisions and produce the most regret.

Although many people’s first impulse is to go down a path of drunken decisions and sexcapades, it is important to try and not talk sh*t, play with people's feelings or inflict the pain that you received. One person hurt you, not 10.

The best you can do for yourself is suck it up, put a smile on your face and move on. The sense of relief and pride you will feel upon letting go is incomparable to the series of one-night stands that could have happened.

Without retaliation, good karma will grow.

Photo via Tumblr