12 Relatable Memes That Describe Your Love Life If You're Not Exclusive, But Want To Be

Memes are a wonderful thing. There's probably a meme for every situation you can possibly imagine. Memes that describe you and your friends perfectly, memes that don't make any sense but still manage to make you laugh, and even memes that describe your love life if you're not exclusive, but you really want to be. Wanting to be exclusive with someone makes complete sense and is totally normal. You like them, and you want to be with them, so understandably, you don't want them to be with anybody else. But bringing this subject up to the person you want to be with can be hard, because what if they don't want the same thing?

Defining the relationship and establishing exclusivity can be tough. Sometimes you know what you want, but the person you want it with doesn't know what they want — at least not yet. Other times, you both want different things entirely. It varies per relationship, but when you know what you want, and you're waiting for the other person to want it too, it can be a total bummer. Why was it so easy for you to know you wanted them and only them, but harder for them to realize the same thing about you? That's where these 12 memes come in. They're way-too-relatable and will help you realize you're not alone, girl. Read on and LOL at this super annoying, absurdly common situation.

Why is this so real?
mytherapistsays on Instagram

Ah, elementary school was such a simple time.

When they don't want to DTR yet, but you're already planning your wedding.
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

You know the feeling. After you get so wrapped up in someone new and you already told the world (aka your besties), potential bae is all like, "I want to take things slow." Ugh, but we're going to have three children and a wedding at the Plaza Hotel in July??

Subtweeting is real, my friends.
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LOL, I've actually done this before. Hello! Can we please just establish that we're only seeing each other already, so I can vibe and not feel the need to continue to subtweet you about our relationship until you get the hint?

The truth!
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Commitment isn't for everyone — I get it! But what is up with doing all the relationship things and refusing to call it a relationship? We all deserve a little clarity.

When you need a bomb picture to remind them of what they're missing.
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Of course, it usually takes more than an Insta thirst-trap to get someone to DTR, but sometimes all you need is a bomb picture on Insta to bring all the boys and girls to the yard. Remind them that you're a freaking goddess, thank you very much, and that they're missing out!

"High School Musical," a true classic.
ccreing on Twitter

Now that's a DTR conversation I wouldn't mind having.

You haven't *not* done this.
betches on Instagram

Sending a risky test is literally one of the scariest things ever, especially when you go back into the chat to see if they read it, and they're typing! Abort mission. BYE! Get out of there!

When they "like the way things are right now."
mytherapistsays on Instagram

When you know you want to be with them and only them, but they don't want that just yet, it's totally normal to feel sad about it. And what better way to drown your sadness than to listen to sad music? It! Makes! Total! Sense!

mytherapistsays on Instagram

I'm 100 percent guilty of this. If the person you're interested in doesn't want to DTR just yet, it's completely understandable to wonder why. And if they tell you they just want to keep things "open," it's easy to think that everyone who likes their pics could be dating them too. So you feel a little jealous! Also normal human nature. But try not to stress this. They could actually just be friends, and your bae might just need more time to figure out what they want.

They can't have their cake and eat it too! Gah!
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

So... are we friends or more? 'Cause like, I kind of need to know.

I'm sorry my Friday nights are reserved for myself or my actual partner.
memes on Instagram

If you wanted to make plans with me, you should've made our relationship ~official~. Otherwise, my Friday nights are reserved for me, myself, and I.

I may as well be a masochist at this point.
memes on Instagram

When all you want is someone who is as dedicated to you as you are to them, it hurts when they can't be that person for you. But when you're as into them as you are, it's OK to still have feelings for them. After all, you can't just switch off feelings! It's normal to continue to feel hurt until they decide they want to take the next step or you decide you don't want to wait around anymore.

At the end of the day, people do things in their own time. If you're ready to be exclusive and DTR, that's amazing! But if the person you want to do it with isn't ready yet, try not to pressure them too much at first. As much as you deserve to know what your relationship status is, they deserve the time they need to make that decision. And if it gets to the point where you realize you're ultimately incompatible, try to part amicably.

If you're not exclusive yet and you really want to be, just know you're in the same boat as a lot of people. Everyone (literally everyone) finds themselves in this situation at least once. All you can do is stand up for what you want and trust that if your relationship is meant to be, it will be.

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