Joshua Bassett Heaven Is You Lyrics

Joshua Bassett's "Heaven Is You" Is Basically Meant For Romantic IG Captions

Who else swooned when they heard Joshua Bassett's new melodic song, "Heaven Is You"? This love ballad is the last track off of the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star's self-titled EP that dropped on March 12, and it serves up some major heart eyes. Since this bop is likely to live in your head rent free, you'll want to have these Joshua Bassett "Heaven Is You" lyrics on hand for romantic Instagram captions.

These lyrics will totally put you in a dreamy state as Bassett sings all about falling in love. In fact, this song is so romantic, it has fans wondering who inspired the swoon-worthy track. Some speculate that the song is about his rumored girlfriend, Sabrina Carpenter, because she is credited as a songwriter for the track and complimented the song on her Insta story, calling it a "personal fav." In reference to Bassett, she wrote, "I am in awe of your talent + the way you tell stories."

While the subject of the tune has yet to be confirmed or denied by Bassett, one thing is clear: This song is full of romantic vibes. Listening to this track likely has you scrolling through your camera roll and remembering all your best mems with your SO. If that's the case, you can post your pics with your special someone using these "Heaven Is You" lyrics for a #couplegoals post. Your followers will fall head over heels for your post just as you did for the song.

1. "I know that heaven is you."

2. "To think that I could be deserving of an angel."

3. "Just one look at you is all it really takes."

4. "You're all I'll ever want."

5. "You fell in my lap."

6. "You're all I'll ever need."

7. "I always heard there was a heaven."

8. "I'm not one to fall in love too fast."

9. "Something tells me this one's gonna last."

10. "You're all I've ever dreamed of having."

11. "But darlin', ever since I met you..."

12. "There's a place that we would go if we were good."