Here Are The Perfect Pieces Of Jewelry For Whomever Your Valentine Is This Year

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Chocolates are great and flowers are even better, but seeing as I buy both things for myself on a weekly basis (#selfcare, am I right?), there's something extra special about receiving (and giving!) jewelry gifts for Valentine's Day. There's nothing better than opening up a box and finding a beautiful trinket inside that was picked out with care and love just for you, except maybe watching the face of someone you adore when they unwrap a present you took the same attention in selecting. Plus, jewelry is something that lasts forever—at least for well-organized people, I am not one of them—and can have a memory attached to it that will resurface whenever it's worn.

Whether you're buying a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for your love, your bff, your mom, or yourself — because let's be real, you should be your own number one and Valentine — one of the 12 last-minute jewelry gift selections below will make for the perfect piece. From costume jewelry-esque hearts to styles boasting a more delicate allure, the rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings will all convey the same message: I love you. And they'll do it in a way that looks legitimately cool.

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Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Coming Up Rose Gold

Of all the metal finishes, rose gold feels the most appropriate for Valentine's Day thanks to its blushing hue. This delicate set of studs features a cluster of crystals that give it an even sweeter allure.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Heart-To-Heart

The classic heart necklace gets a colorful update with a set of rainbow beads. With three hearts dangling, whoever opens up this gift will know exactly how you feel about them.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Heart of Green

This gold and green signet heart ring is the perfect gift if you're shopping on a budget. It still boasts a luxe element to it thanks to the embedded green stone.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Missing Links

For anyone who prefers jewelry with a little more edge, this classic chain-link necklace makes for the perfect pick.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Pretty in Pink

I love this costume jewelry style ring for its shape, size, and color. It's a piece that will definitely get noticed time and time again and is a playful alternative to a more traditional diamond style.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Fruit Salad

This necklace is basically happiness in a choker, and what more could you ever hope to give to the one you love?

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: I Sea You

Seashell jewelry is having a huge moment, so why not help your love get in on the trend with these gorgeous turbo shell earrings? They've got a pearlescent finish to rival even the most beautiful fine jewelry pieces.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: All Choked Up

Your giftee can literally wear your heart on their sleeve. Er, neck.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Throwback

What's better than a chunky throwback ring for the loved one you've known your whole life? Several of them.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Perfect Pair

If you want to go more traditional with your gift, consider these tiny gold hoops, from which little white sapphires hang. They're simple but beautiful and are something your SO could wear every day.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Say It Loud

Whoever receives this bracelet can put it on, make a wish, and expect it to come true once the bracelet falls off.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Big Heart

And finally, these crafty oversize heart earrings are every fearless fashion enthusiasts dream. They're handmade, boast a kitschy appeal, and are dripping in colorful beads. Major heart-eyes for sure.

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