12 Last-Minute Jewelry Gifts For Valentine's Day That'll Make Anyone Feel Loved

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and whether you are thinking of friends, family, a partner, or yourself, there is plethora of relationships to celebrate. Treating yourself and your loved ones to beautiful jewelry is a tried-and-true way to express your care. Just because you have so much love to give, doesn't mean you need to break the bank. But, considering we've reached the end of rope on buying gifts, I've rounded up the cutest, last-minute Valentine's Day jewelry gifts to give this year.

As I've gotten older and moved away from the classroom-wide exchange of Valentines, V-Day has felt a bit lonelier. It's easy to feel a little bummed when you don't get 24 carefully chosen Disney Princess Valentines with chocolate hearts taped to them. But with adulthood comes responsibility, so it's up to you to make your Valentine's Day into what you want. If you are looking to go all out for your significant other, planning a small Galentine's celebration for your friends, or want to relax and enjoy your relationship with yourself, there are plenty of easy options to treat yourself and your loved ones to today, even if it makes to them post-Valentine's.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Heart Earrings

Honestly, in researching for this article, I found so many cute pairs of heart earrings. If you like vintage or opulent styles — or even if you think you don't like heart jewelry — there is a pair of heart earrings for you. Despite being a classic V-Day symbol, heart earrings are versatile for everyday wear, so this gift won't be wasted. Here are some of my favorite options.

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These Banana Republic heart-shaped, chunky hoops are perfect for the retro lover who appreciates a modern twist.

If you or your recipient fall more along the lines of "diamonds are a girl's best friend," these crystal heart chandelier earrings from ASOS will make you feel totally blinged out.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Secret Message

For a more personal, meaningful gift, there are plenty of ways to express how you feel through jewelry. The below necklaces keep a message from you or your loved close at all times, so you or them can always be reminded of the great love you share.

With sand, shells, and a tiny paper scroll, there is something so special about this necklace. You can request the bottle to be sealed or unsealed, so you can include your own personalized message. Having always dreamed of finding a message in a bottle on the beach, what could be better than getting one from someone you love?

Although the I Love You necklace looks simple and pretty, there is so much more to it than that. Shine a light through the onyx gem and "I love you" in a hundred different languages is projected on any surface in front of you. The surprise is a great secret to keep between you and your SO.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this ultra dainty locket from Urban Outfitters is the cutest case for it. Not to mention, lockets are a timeless way of keeping your loved one close to your heart.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Matching Jewelry

There is something so fun and almost nostalgic about wearing one half of a whole jewelry piece. No matter who you want to match with, matching jewelry shows that you are a package deal.

Koko Capri's "Camilla" Pearl Pendant Necklace is a piece so classic timeless, you won't be able to help buying one for yourself, too. The dainty chain allows the shining pearl encased in gold to take center stage, much like your giftee does in your life. This necklace is a straightforward way of letting your loved one know that, just like a pearl, your presence in each others' lives is timeless.

Beyond capturing the image of youthful friendship, these Pinky Swear necklaces can be personalized with your and the recipient's initials, in case there's any confusion over who you're matching with. The pinky swear is not a traditional V-Day motif, so it offers a unique way to say, "I love you."

If you loved camp but would like an update from plastic beads, BaubleBar's Pisa Beaded Bracelet features 6mm gold beads with the rainbow letters you loved. If you want to celebrate your whole squad or put a sweet message on the bracelet for a special someone, this beaded bracelet allows a plethora of options.

Do you feel like you and your bestie are the iconic duo or have a partnership to last the ages? These TV legends may be the perfect symbolism for your pair. Definitely not a serious gift, these necklaces are a funny, light way to celebrate your relationship. Party on!

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift: Meaningful Rings

No Valentine's Day gift list would be complete without ring recommendations. Whether you're looking for a promise ring to show your commitment, to propose to yourself, or your loved one just loves this particular style of jewelry, rings have a wealth of meanings that allow you to show your love — and you don't need a diamond to do it.

These simple gold rings from BaubleBar are effortless and modern. They match easily with any other rings in your repertoire. And if you want them to convey a serious commitment, the elegant gold band easily provides it.

May the stars be in your favor this Valentine's Day. Before you get upset, this ring is not just for Taureans and those that love them; ASOS offers this gold-plated ring for all the star signs.

If you're looking for a more serious ring to display your dedication to your SO, this adjustable Swarovski crystal ring brings the sparkle. This ring can be stacked or stands alone, and it's a great way to say you're ready to take the next step in your relationship — whatever that may be — with the moon to your stars.

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