12 New Year's Resolution Ideas That Are So Inspiring, You'll Want To Make Them, Too

Every Jan. 1 comes with the amazing feeling of a fresh start — 365 pages to write the next chapter of your very own novel. That's why you set New Year's resolutions. However, every year, some resolutions tend to fall by the wayside. You've made it your mission to not let that happen this year. With NYE right around the corner, it's time to get on track. For the new year, consider inspiring New Year's resolution ideas for your fresh start.

I truly believe that a little inspiration goes a long way. When you're inspired, you're likely feeling 10 times more motivated to make your goals happen. Why else do you think there's always a pep talk right before the team takes home the gold in any epic sports film? That's why these 12 resolutions are perfect to set for 2019. Not only do they sound great on paper, but they'll make you feel incredible on the inside, too.

No need to worry about your resolutions going anywhere this year, because you're all set with sticking to them. In fact, consider these resolutions your sports movie pep talk from me to you, and I see a very golden new year ahead.

Explore A Hidden Talent
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You never know what hidden talents you may have. Now is your year to find that creative outlet you've been seeking.

Take a few art classes if you had the best time painting at your friends' wine and paint night. Or perhaps your coworkers are always telling you that you're the funniest perfect in the office. Use that as a sign to finally hit up a comedy class.

Try To Meet Someone New Every Month
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Making new friends as an adult can be difficult AF, but you're game for expanding your squad. That's why you should make it a mission to meet someone new once a month.

There are plenty of activities to do alone where you have the opportunity to meet new people. Try a new one every month!

Schedule Time In Your Planner To Do Absolutely Nothing
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"Me time" is so important, but you're a busy gal. You have work projects, weekend trips, and social plans on the calendar. That's why you need to make it a point to mark off days to just kick back, put on a face mask, and relax. You'll be so happy you did, and will head into a new work week feeling so refreshed.

Set Up A Weekly Budget To Save Up For A Dream Vacay
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It's smart to be financially savvy. Though, thinking about money can be exhausting. That's why there are some apps like Mint that do all of the work for you.

Set up a weekly budget for yourself, so that you're able to save a little every month. Then, use that money for a dream vacay. The destination will be your motivation to keep on saving.

Pay It Forward At Least Once A Week In Some Way
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Buy your work wife a coffee, give a big tip to your favorite delivery guy, or offer to walk your friend's dog when she's busy. It's always nice to pay it forward not only for the person you're helping, but for yourself. You'll feel awesome knowing that you're making a difference and spreading kindness into the world.

Start A New Annual Tradition With Your Friends
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You know that your besties are the forever kind of friends. That's why you should start a new annual tradition this year — maybe it's something like a potluck dinner the first Friday of every month, or karaoke on Galentine's Day. Either way, you're creating new memories with your fave people, and planning to keep the fun going.

Get A Reading List From Your Friends' Fave Books

This year, compile a reading list of all your besties' favorite books. Sharing something special like that with your friends will help you finish reading them all.

Write Someone A Love Letter Once A Month

Writing love letters can be something fun to do each month. It could be a little gratitude note to your mom, showing her just how much you care. You can even write a motivational letter to yourself, and store them in a pretty box in your room. This way, you can look back on them.

Plan To Cook A Meal At Home Once A Week

If you order delivery a lot, you might want to consider planning to cook a meal at home once a week in the new year. It will save you money and be something fun to do by yourself. Who knows, you might even discover a new recipe that could be your favorite.

Create Playlists For The Month With Inspiring Songs
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Each month, create a brand new playlist filled with motivational songs. If you plan on running a 5k in May, make your playlist filled with running songs that pump you up. In February, make a new playlist with all of your favorite love songs.

Set A Bedtime For Your Phone

You may be attached at the hip with your phone, and are in need of a little detox. Set up a bedtime rule. No more phone after 9 p.m. means that you can get a better night's sleep and won't be distracted by what everyone else is doing on social media.

Plan A Solo Adventure Once A Month

As much as you love hanging out with your friends, you need some alone time to unwind, too. Plan a solo adventure once a month to do fun things, including visiting a new museum, going on a road trip, and getting pampered at the spa. You deserve it!