12 Galentine's Day Cards For Your BFFs, If You're Lovin' On Your Ladies

Jeremy and Alicia Brown Photography/Stocksy

It's time we show our ladies a little bit of love. Feb. 13 is coming up quick, and if you haven't made your reservations for bottomless mimosas, I sure hope you do real soon. You're looking forward to spending the day with your real soulmates, sharing waffles and chocolate-covered strawberries, and celebrating having such great gal pals in your life. Maybe you're doing a gift exchange, something like a Secret Santa, or decided to keep it more low-key this year. Or maybe you and your besties are skipping out on brunch and just sending some cute Galentine's Day cards. Whatever your shopping situation may be, you surely won't show up empty-handed.

We seriously don't thank our sister friends enough for all that they do. So, picking out the perfect card to give your person on this day is a simple way to show some appreciation. There's a card for every kind of friendship — the funny one, the sweet one, and the one that has a strong foundation in food.

Thanks to love puns that we usually save for our Instagram posts, our options are honestly endless. We love our ladies a latte, and it's good to remind them on Galentine's Day in queso didn't know. See what I did there?

Getting sweet on your soul sister is so simple with one of these cards. It might feel a little cheesy, or even a tad cliché, but your friends will be your favorite Valentines forever and always. It's more than OK to show some feels.

"You Are My Other Half"

Avocado Watercolor Card, $4, Etsy

She's the milk to your cookies, the peanut butter to your jelly, and the Christina Yang to your Meredith Grey. The people in your crew seriously complete you, and so this card seems just right.

There's nothing like an avocado to show your appreciation, and this print artist on Etsy is one of my personal favorites. Give a piece of your heart on Galentine's Day, and declare your bestie your other half. Sharing is caring, right?

"You Are A Gem"

You Are A Gem Card, $4, Etsy

Sweet, spice, and everything that sparkles is nice. Your gal pal is a total gem, and nothing seems to shine quite as bright as her smile. This card will surely get her cheesin' and maybe blushing a bit, too.

Truth is, she's totally your rock. When life gets rough, she dares to be the diamond amongst the dust and is strong like the stone, too. Remind her of her radiance with something real cute, and get her a card like this.

Hey Girl, You're Cute

Hey Girl Galentine, $2, Etsy

There are a million reasons why we're crushing on the people in our crew this Galentine's Day. So, why not get a card that hits everything on the list? Girl power is honestly unstoppable, and when you throw love like this into the mix — well, you really don't have to question why ladies do it better.

Check off everything that applies on this card to show your appreciation, and don't be surprised if you end up adding a significant amount of ink.


Galentine's Day Card, $3, Etsy

Celebrating being single with your ladies on this lovely Galentine's Day? Or are you all just totally slaying, and need a card to show it off a bit? Don't stress, the best card for you and your besties features our number one bae, Beyoncé.

We're crazy in love with our crew, but sending a simple "XO" their way just doesn't seem like enough. Your day will probably feature an impromptu dance party with "Formation" taking a prime spot on the playlist. Our besties are seriously irreplaceable, and it's time we tell them why.

The Leslie Knope Metaphor Card

Leslie Knope Galentine's Day Card, $3, Etsy

It wouldn't be right to celebrate Galentine's Day without a Leslie Knope-inspired card. After all, she invented the holiday on Parks and Recreation, and our hearts are so thankful that she did.

We'll never be quite as good at coming up with the perfect metaphors to describe our crew. But, lucky for us, we don't have to when cards like this one exist. Nothing says, "I love you" like being compared to a land-mermaid or musk ox.

"Yass Queen"
Urban Outfitters

Lionheart Prints Yass Queen Card, $6, Urban Outfitters

Your ladies are killing it at life. This year, they're going for gold and really running the world. A Galentine's Day card that pumps them up will be just perfect.

Our friends are our number one fans. They support our wildest dreams, and show up when we need some familiar faces in the crowd. They're the first ones we call when we have a crazy idea in mind, or need a buddy for an epic adventure. Showing your spirit is key, and your special someone will appreciate the level of energy in this card.

"Will You Meme My Valentine?"
Urban Outfitters

Will You Meme My Valentine? Card Pack, $12, Urban Outfitters

The best Galentine's Day cards are full of memes. Sometimes, we just don't have the right words to say. Enter, Internet. Grumpy Cat, Salt Bae, and all of the memes in between totally have our back this year when we're trying to show our besties a little love and a good laugh.

These cards are particularly ideal for those who don't really feel like celebrating or getting mushy this Galentine's Day. Expressing emotions isn't for everyone.

Such A Sweetheart
Rifle Paper Co.

Valentine Sweetheart Card, $4, Rifle Paper Co.

You're so sweet on your besties, so why not keep it simple and straight to the point with this card? One of the best parts of Galentine's Day is clearly the candy, and these hearts will certainly put your feels right on your sleeve.

"You're My Mane Squeeze"
Rifle Paper Co.

You're My Mane Squeeze Card, $4, Rifle Paper Co.

You and your girls are queens of the jungle. Your bestie doesn't have to be a Leo to totally love this card. She's your partner-in-crime (or your purr-son, if you will), and a pun will be the perfect balance between funny and flirty for your friend.

"You're Out Of This World"
Rifle Paper Co.

You're Out Of This World Card, $4, Rifle Paper Co.

If your bestie is obsessed with astrology, star signs, and reads her horoscope on the reg, I seriously suggest you shop for an outer space-inspired card.

She's one-of-a-kind, and maybe sometimes has her head in the clouds. But, she's also a total star in your life. You two love making memories in the moonlight, and dancing from dusk until dawn. Don't settle for something anything less than stellar when you're picking out your Galentine's Day card.

The Easy And Sweet DIY Valentine's Day Card
K Werner Design on YouTube

Something handmade always comes straight from the heart. If you're balling on a bit of a budget, or just want to get a little creative for your crew this year, watch a DIY tutorial to make the perfect Galentine's Day card.

Whip out your watercolors, and wet your brushes. This is the time for your inside jokes to shine, and you're feeling inspired. Paint some hearts, and take out a pen to add the finishing touches.

The DIY Valentine's Day Pun Card
Doodles by Sarah on YouTube

Don't feel like painting, but are a master at puns? There's a tutorial for that, too! You don't have to spend cash on your crew, just a little time with your creative side. Find your funny bone and express your feels for your best friends in the corniest way possible.

We love our friends berry much, which is why we want to make sure we're prepared with the most perfect card come Galentine's Day.