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These Fall Instagram Challenges To Do With Friends Will Upgrade Your Feed

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You know fall is right around the corner when the weather starts to cool down, and you feel a sudden longing for pumpkin spice everything. No offense to all of the other seasons, but fall is hands down my favorite. I love the weather, wearing cozy sweaters, drinking cinnamon-flavored drinks, and all the fun activities you can do with your friends on the weekends. From visiting a farm to pick out pumpkins and apples, to getting your spook on at a haunted house around Halloween, there's so much to do. That's why I've assembled some fall Instagram challenges to put on your to-do list, so you can have the best season ever.

It's called "doing it for the 'Gram" for a reason. Every photo challenge on this list is something you were probably already planning on doing with your crew, but now, you have a motivation to get it done ASAP. You expect to fill up every weekend with camping trips, bonfires, farm visits, and heading to Starbucks to get Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Not to mention, you'll be looking cute AF the whole time in your flannel, oversized sweaters, and comfy boots. That perfect combination of a cute OOTD and fun adventure is just begging for you to take a million pictures to remember it all.

So don't let my favorite season go to waste, and add these 12 fall Instagram challenges to your calendar right now. I promise you, it will make this the best fall ever, and you'll have the snaps to prove it.

A Shot Sippin' A Pumpkin Spice Latte

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It just wouldn't be fall without enjoying at least one Pumpkin Spice Latte. I seriously don't know why this is only a seasonal drink, but you have to take advantage of it while it's on the menu. Snap a selfie of you sippin' a PSL, and caption it with something like, "I love you a latte."

A Pic Of You Surrounded By Pumpkins At A Patch

Going to a pumpkin patch with my best friends is my favorite tradition in the fall. Find a farm near you, and have a little photo shoot with your squad as you take cute Insta pics surrounded by pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. You could even use portrait mode on your phone to highlight your pumpkin pick while you hold it out in front of you.

An Action Shot Of You Apple Picking

Apple picking is another fun farm adventure you can go on with your best friends. Get a few action shots reaching up to pick the best ones. Caption it with something sweet and punny like, "Just looking for the apple of my pie."

A Cute Pic Tossing Leaves In The Air

The fall foliage is the perfect backdrop for your Insta pics. You could always get a shot of you making angels in a pile of raked leaves, but the most iconic of fall Insta pics is the one where you toss the leaves in the air. It'll look unb-leaf-ably gorgeous like it's snowing leaves all around.

An Artsy Shot Showing Off Your New Fall Boots

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Looking cute this fall is easy peasy. All you need is a cute coat, cozy sweater, and a bold red lip color. Though, your boots really add the final touches to your look. Snap a pic of them as you stand in a pile of colorful leaves.

A Group Shot Of Your Costumes On Halloween

If you haven't started thinking about your Halloween costume for this year yet, consider this your reminder. It's the one night of the year where you can really go all out. When you put a lot of effort into your costume, it needs to be captured for the 'Gram, so make sure you get a few group pics of you and your squad on Halloween.

A Selfie With Your Friends Snuggling Up By The Bonfire

The chilly weather means bonfire nights are even more necessary than ever. You know a good selfie is when you find your light, and what better lighting is there than the glow of the bonfire? You'll want to snap a few selfies with your friends, and maybe a few s'mores, too.

A Pic Getting Lost In A Corn Maze

Getting lost in a maze may not sound fun at first, but it really is one of my favorite fall activities. I love trying to navigate through the corn maze at Forneris Farms in LA every year with my friends. We always end up getting lost, and it always makes me laugh so much.

When you're in the middle of the maze is the best time to just stop and have a little photo shoot. Then, you'll be ready to find your way out.

A Pic On A Hike With The Fall Foliage As Your Backdrop

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The fall is when nature is flexing. The trees turn gorgeous colors like yellow, red, and bright orange. It's just begging for you to take a few scenic pics on your next hike.

Cheering On Your Fave Football Team

Fall is officially football season. Whether you're into sports or not, there's no denying that tailgating is still fun. You also never know, you might start to really feel that team spirit, and want to paint your face in your team's colors. That's when the Instagram pic needs to happen.

A Foodie Snap Of Your Fave Fall Treat

Fall is all about apple pie, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin, well, everything. Any foodie knows it's the best time of the year, especially with sweet potato casserole and apple crisp at Thanksgiving coming up. You'll want to snap as many dish pics as you can of your favorite fall treats.

A Pic With The Lights At A Fall Fair

It won't be hard to convince your friends to go to the fall fair. You can grab a selfie while riding the Ferris wheel. Though, the best pic is getting all the lights from the rides illuminating the night.

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