11 Tweets About First Dates That'll Make You Say "LOL, Same"

by Christy Piña

First dates are universal. Everyone who dates goes on them pretty often, sometimes several times a week. You know how they can be: Awkward, nerve-wracking, and yet, still usually a great time. But on the chance that the date ends up being miserable (which hopefully you never have to experience), horrible first date stories can actually be really fun to tell. Honestly, anyone who's been on a bad first date can relate to the awkward silences, the boring conversation, and the date's unpleasant rudeness. These tweets about first dates prove just that, and they're so relatable, you probably could've written them yourself.

If you're a rare gem who has never had a terrible first date and doesn't usually get nervous, I'm jealous. For those who get incredibly nervous when a first date comes around, fret not — I'm right there with you, and we're not the only ones. "Fearless first dates don’t exist," Fran Greene, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and author of The Secret Rules of Flirting, told Elite Daily. "They don’t exist. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you are, everyone is a little bit nervous." But first dates aren't all bad, either. If you think about it, your next first date could be the start of something new, and that can be a comforting thought. (Yes, I just shamelessly quoted High School Musical.) Whether you're a first date pro or someone who still has a mild meltdown before each one, at least one of these 12 tweets will have you saying, "Same."

If your first date is a good one, it could be the first of many!
itiwster on Twitter

Do you remember your first date with your current partner? Maybe it was really great and you knew you two were compatible from the start. Or maybe it was super awk and it took you several dates to feel chemistry! Either way, you never forget the first time you and your bae connected.

Ahhh, hard pass.
josephxmorales on Twitter

Some first dates are just so bad. And the most awkward part about it is when you had a miserable time and your date texts you with a, "Let's do it again sometime." Cringe.

Run, don't walk.
aashhlyndd on Twitter

Why would anyone, ever, think this is OK?! No!

Safety first!
chevysmile on Twitter

"Where do you live? I'll pick you up." "Oh, just on the corner of 'I'll meet you there' and 'See you then!'"

(No but, actually, don't give your home address to a stranger!)

Yikes, gotta go.
pants_leg on Twitter

Who else is this awk on a first date? Just me? Yeah? OK.

LOL, I appreciate your honesty.
andrewnadeau0 on Twitter

I'm all for honesty, my friends, but dropping this at dinner just may cut our first date short.

ladyshay__ on Twitter

Alright, let's talk about this. The reason why two consenting adults having sex on a first date is still an issue today, I will never understand. If you want to, and they want to, why the h*ll not?

How do you do it?!
zephyrs0phie on Twitter

There's nothing braver, honestly.

It's cool, it's not like I've seen every inch of your social media.
ceciatl on Twitter

I appreciate the rundown, but I already know where you grew up and that you went to the local high school and that you've been in two serious relationships. That tattoo on your rib cage? I've seen it already. And that summer you spent in Maui? So cool!

Let's be nice and honest here.
princesspiamia on Twitter

Yes, please, tell me everything.

My dog needs me, sorry.
heyoshellz on Twitter

Sorry, mommy duties call!

First dates can be amazing, frustrating, and fun all at the same time. If you're not enjoying yourself, there's no harm in saying you need to go. Be honest and tell them you're just not feeling it, or come up with an excuse! But if you are having a good time, tell your date. They'll appreciate it! And if you're somewhere in between, it might be worth it to have a second date. Sometimes, that's when the real sparks fly.