Hottest Scenes From 'The Vampire Diaries'

Here Are The Hottest Sex Scenes From 'The Vampire Diaries.' You're Welcome

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From the very first "hello brother" uttered by Damon Salvatore, viewers of the hit CW series The Vampire Diaries were hooked. Granted, Damon didn't have the most fans at the time, since he was the antagonist and liked to do things like kill Elena's brother and Stefan's best friend. But as time went on his character evolved, and so did heat of the show. While there's plenty to love about the series — like the friendships, the folklore, and the focus on family — these sex scenes from The Vampire Diaries prove the hookups are also a big part of the show's allure.

When the show first aired in 2009, many of the pairs who ended up sharing sensual on-screen moments seemed completely impossible. Stefan and Caroline? Elena and Damon? Klaus and anyone? As the storylines twisted, however, the characters of Mystic Falls went through countless breakups and makeups that led to some of the sexiest moments in television history.

While the magical elements, clever writing, and Ian Somerhalder's smoldering gaze are reason enough to head to Netflix for a rewatch, if your wants are a little more carnal, here are some of The Vampire Diaries' steamiest scenes that will scratch your itch for paranormal sex.

"The Heart Of Darkness" — Season 3, Episode 19

Granted, this scene isn't actually a full-on sex moment. But the passion and tension felt between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder is straight up art. After telling Stefan she needed space and wanted to figure out her feelings for Damon, Elena's draw to the older Salvatore brother is palpable.

"The Turning Point" — Season 1, Episode 10

For all you Stelena fans out there, Elena and Stefan's first time together was romance goals. Though they were at odds during the episode (after having the classic "I'm a vampire, you're a human, we can't be together" argument every couple goes through), Elena tells the younger Salvatore brother she loves him and the two have sex for the first (and definitely not last) time.

Though they have other hot moments throughout the season, this is the one fans of the early couple loved, thanks to the pure love and compassion portrayed during the deed.

"Bring It On" — Season 4, Episode 16

What do you get when you mix a hybrid and a werewolf? The Vampire Diaries spinoff series, The Originals. During one of The Vampire Diaries' crossover episodes (which led right into the spinoff series), vampire Klaus hooks up with werewolf Hayley in a very random yet very hot plot twist. The tryst results in Hayley getting pregnant, which sets The Originals in motion and leads to many more wondrous on-screen sex scenes.

"Isobel" — Season 1, Episode 21

The fact Damon had a thing with Elena's mom, Isobel, (before he knew Elena existed, but still) is kinky all on its own. Then, there's the fact Isobel is pretty much the female version of Damon; she's sexy, selfish, and dark. Watching the two of them banter before almost hooking up makes Isobel's bad behavior totally worth it.

"Into the Wild" — Season 4, Episode 13

Something about hate sex is just so hot. Not only do Rebekah and Damon get it on, but also, it leads to an off-camera threesome so steamy, it probably burned up the footage during filming, which is why the show didn't air it (at least, that's my theory).

The lead-up to the vampire ménage à trois involving Rebekah, Damon, and Sage is another one of those "we probably wouldn't have been able to handle the sex because it would have been so steamy" kind of scenes.

"A Bird in a Gilded Cage" — Season 6, Episode 17

There's nothing better than when a (sort of) endgame couple finally gets together, especially when it involves two vampires who crave control and have both turned off their humanity. While Stefan and Caroline are one of those couples that makes total sense in every form, their hottest is definitely when they let go of their need for order and get messy.

"My Brother's Keeper" — Season 4, Episode 7

Speaking of endgame couples, Damon and Elena finally having sex after four seasons is the definition of a slow, excruciating burn. Since she's sired to Damon, there's a very submissive, Fifty Shades kinda vibe going on, which makes it feel even naughtier. While it's hot, it's not their hottest scene in the series. The fact fans waited forever for it to happen, however, is what made it so iconic.

"500 Years Of Solitude" — Season 5, Episode 11

Yet another one of those kinda endgame couples, Caroline and Klaus's love story started with contempt (on her side, at least) but lived on in The Originals. After multiple episodes of their hot-and-cold banter, Caroline gives into her desire and has sex with Klaus in the woods. Despite feeling guilty about it afterwords — especially when Tyler finds out — it made for one of the sexiest pairings in the Vampire Diaries universe.

"The Birthday" — Season 3, Episode 1

Prior to Klaus there was Tyler, Caroline's hunky hybrid boyfriend. Before they became official and were just in the flirting stages, they shared a kiss at Elena's birthday party after both admitting how horny being supernatural made them. What follows is one of those can't-get-your-clothes-off-fast-enough moments The CW is famous for.

"While You Were Sleeping" — Season 5, Episode 16

Who knew the morning after could be just as hot as the night before? After Elena and Damon agreed to break up, they instantly fell into bed together — because how could they not? In the morning as Elena scrambles to restate the boundaries neither of them want, Damon's demeanor makes me want to push Elena out of the way and get between the sheets myself.

"Rescue Me" — Season 5, Episode 17

I don't like to play favorites, but I absolutely saved the best scene for last. After hooking up despite being broken up (see the previous video), Damon and Elena both end up at Elena's younger brother, Jeremy's, open house. After Damon tells her he wants to throw her into a classroom and kiss her all over, Elena fantasizes about the two of them having sex at her alma mater.

Whether or not you stan Delena, you have to admit: There's a reason Dobrev and Somerhalder won the 2014 People's Choice Award for "Favorite On-Screen Chemistry." Even though they had broken up IRL by that point (yup, they dated for real from 2010 from 2013), they always seem to make viewers hot and bothered whenever their characters get together.