25 TV Co-Stars Who Dated In Real Life

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Celebrity couples are a source of joy both for fans and for Hollywood. When two famous figures combine their high-wattage star power into a single unit, it’s like their abilities to fascinate redoubles, creating a center of gravity stronger than they could possibly manage alone. For TV stars, this can work to their advantage, bringing together the popularity of their fan bases with the fandom of the series. These TV co-stars who dated in real life are proof that even if those couples end, their fabled romances live on in our memories.

Co-star relationships can be a wonderful thing. For one, they often drum up a ton of buzz for a show, because people want to tune in and see what a couple's chemistry is like onscreen. And in those cases in which the couple actually lasts, it can be totally magical. Just look at Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, who met on the set of Game of Thrones playing their respective roles of Jon Snow and Ygritte and are now married IRL.

Of course, not all relationships last forever. Here are 25 couples who were both co-stars on TV and lovers offscreen, some of whom have made it (at least so far), and some of whom weren’t so lucky. While those who broke up may no longer be together IRL, their time spent together lives on in TV history.

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