Nina Dobrev’s Reason For Staying Friends With Ex Ian Somerhalder Is So Inspirational

by Candice Jalili
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After watching their love blossom during their days on The Vampire Diaries, many fans may be left wondering if Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are friends. I mean, a lot has have happened since the two dated while on the show. According to Life & Style, the couple reportedly met on the set of The Vampire Diaries in 2009. Eventually, the two became romantically involved and wound up dating until they officially split in 2013.

Since then, they've both moved on. Somerhalder began dating actress Nikki Reed in 2014, and they got married in 2015. Not long after tying the knot, Somerhalder and Reed welcomed their first child in 2017. Meanwhile, Dobrev has been linked to Derek Hough and Glen Powell.

She opened up about the unusual friendship during her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen after-show this Wednesday (Jan. 17, 2019).

The subject got brought up when a viewer called in to ask about her relationship with her ex and his wife. The man started the question by asking, "Do you see Ian?" Dobrev was visibly a little surprised by the question, but the man continued, "And now that he's married, is it weird that you are friends with both him and his wife?"

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To this question, Dobrev had pretty much the best response she could have possibly ever had. "I don't think that's weird at all," she responded. "That's great. Why can't everyone be friends?"

If you're wondering why she would choose to stay friends with Somerhalder and his wife, don't worry! She's got an explanation for that as well. "I think that they have a beautiful baby," she explained. "They are happy — and so am I. What's bad about that? I don't see any problem with that."

"Absolutely," host Andy Cohen agreed. "Peace and love, man."

Maintaining a friendship with your ex and their new partner is not for everyone. And if it's not for you, you should absolutely not feel obliged to maintain this type of relationship. Trust your gut. That being said, if you and your ex both feel confident that you can enjoy a friendship, and you're both on board, then by all means go for it!

For any of you fans of The Vampire Diaries, Dobrev also got pretty candid about how she felt about the show's series finale. "I think the show had a satisfying, awesome [ending] — for me it was great, because I got to go back and be a part of the finale, say goodbye and pay homage to the characters," she said. "So, I was really happy with it, for sure."

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Oh, and it turns out she even took a little souvenir from the show home with her. But she won't reveal what it is on television. "They're gonna come to my house and take it back!" she said. "The executive producer/writer lives a block away from me, so... yeah, she might come to my house!"

OK, now here's to hoping we can all snag invites to Dobrev's house so we can see what it is. Also so that we can hopefully catch her casually hanging with Somerhalder and Reed because they seem like an awesome trio.