12 TV Shows To Watch On Date Night When You Want To Turn Up The Heat

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If you and your boo are having a date night in, you'll probably prep by setting ~the mood~. Maybe you'll dress up, even though you'll be at home. You'll dim the lights and break out the nice candles, order from the takeout place that's slightly more expensive and bougie than the one you normally order from, and pop open the bottle of wine you've been saving since Christmas. And the same way a suggestive Spotify playlist or lacy lingerie can be the icing on the sensual cake, so can watching a sexy TV show with your partner.

The game plan is simple: Snuggle up to your boo and hit play on one of the following TV shows. Whether it takes you three episodes or 30 minutes, you'll come up on a moment that makes you feel hot and bothered. Where you decide to take your date night from there is all up to you both.

In your quest for hot TV shows, you'll find plenty of delicious options below. From dramas about sordid affairs in our nation's capital, to a gritty mystery with blistering sex scenes, to raunchy British royals — whichever show you chose, prepare to feel extra flushed.


Netflix Original Elite is a teen murder mystery full of risqué thrills. This Spanish series is ripe with lusty sex scenes, including a threesome.


In Scandal, Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, a political fixer with many dark secrets — including her affair with the President. Get into this (really) hot mess on Netflix.

"The Affair"

This Netflix Original is about — you guessed it! — an affair. While everyone has their feelings about infidelity, the taboo of it all might just turn you and your boo all the way on.

"Being Mary Jane"

Being Mary Jane stars Gabrielle Union as a journalist navigating work, family, and relationships. Viewers witness Mary Jane's good, bad, and ugly moments. (The "good" includes all the raciest sex scenes.)

"Gossip Girl"

Gossip Girl walked so Elite could run. Watch this iconic teen drama and all it's squirm-inducing moments, on Netflix.

"Normal People"

Based on the book by Sally Rooney, Hulu's Normal People follows an on-and-off couple's trials and tribulations — often realistic and sexy — as they transition to adulthood.

"Marvel's Jessica Jones"

As a superhero-turned-private-investigator, Jessica Jones kicks *ss, takes names, copes with her PTSD, and has some X-rated scenes with fellow superhero Luke Cage that will make your heart race.

"The L Word"

The L Word is a scandalous drama following a queer girl gang as they navigate work, life, and love in LA . You can watch this iconic show, sprinkled with loads of titillating sex scenes, on Netflix.

"The Tudors"

Also on Netflix are Henry VIII's pearl-studded, royal sexcapades in the form of The Tudors.


There are many reasons why this sci-fi Netflix Original, about eight people who are telepathically linked, is a cult classic. One? Sense8's provocative sex scenes among the eight. Don't miss these.


In this messy Chicago dramedy, Emmy Rossum stars as Fiona, the makeshift matriarch of the Gallagher family. Some of the chaos stems from Fiona's hella fine boyfriends, whose sex scenes will make you sweat. Get into Shameless on Amazon Prime or Netflix.

"Sex, Explained"

Narrated by Janelle Monáe, this Netflix docuseries is the sex ed you probably wish you had. While documentaries may not typically turn you or your boo on, the Sex, Explained episode about sexual fantasies might change that for you.

From supernatural sex to velvety romps in royal court, all kinds of steamy moments abound in these date-night picks that are sure to get you and your partner in the mood.

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