These Photos Of Kylie, Travis, & Stormi Make Their Split Hurt More

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The news of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's breakup still has me in my feels. While it's great they ended things on good terms, I can't help but mourn the fact there will likely be fewer family pictures of them on social media — at least for the time being. So, instead of being sad, let's reflect on these photos of Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and Stormi that radiate pure joy.

Prepare to feel all the feels, because prior to their split, fans were graced with so many unbelievably cute pictures of the former couple with their toddler. The tender moments the rapper and reality star have shared on social media since welcoming their daughter in February 2018 are enough to literally melt my heart. All of the happy times are proof that 1-year-old Stormi is living her best life and loved immensely.

Jenner and Scott have fully embraced #parentlife and have been open about how becoming parents changed their lives. "She really comes before me, so that is a lot to take in at a young age but I feel like I was definitely made for this. The way that I look at things is a lot more positive and I really feel like my life didn't start until I had her," Jenner told Interview Germany in March 2019.

Scott gushed about fatherhood in an Instagram post back in June. "The day mommy made me a daddy I couldn’t wait to spend everyday with u to conquer this planet," he wrote alongside an adorable pic of with Stormi and her stuffed Sesame Street dolls.

Considering how much the former couple loves their daughter, it makes sense they're dedicated to peacefully co-parenting Stormi moving forward. Jenner made it perfectly clear in a tweet posted on Oct. 3, reassuring fans she and Scott "are on great terms" and their "main focus right now is Stormi."

With all of that said, let's take a look back at Scott, Jenner, and Stormi's best family photos.

October 2018: Fall Fun

Seven months after Stormi's birth, the family of three enjoyed a day out at a pumpkin patch. Jenner was dressed down in comfy clothes as she and Scott planted a kiss on their baby's head while sitting on top of a haystack bundle.

But that wasn't all! Jenner went on an Instagram spree on this blessed autumn day, sharing another precious gallery of photos that showed Scott giving Stormi a kiss and Jenner helping Stormi feed some goats.

February 2019: A Year In The Life Of Stormi

Stormi certainly had a great first year of life, filled with milestone moments and celebrations galore. In honor of her birthday, Jenner posted a series of pics and videos commemorating her 365 days of life.

The fourth photo took my breath away: a simple moment featuring Scott in the backseat of a car with his arm sweetly wrapped around Stormi's car seat while she slept soundly. The sixth slide shows the moment Stormi took her first steps as she walked from Jenner to Scott. Be still, my beating heart!

February 2019: Big Birthday Bash

Jenner went all out for Stormi's first birthday party. The celebration was a play on Scott's Astroworld concept and included everything from an inflatable head that looked like Stormi to a pink ball pit, cupcakes, and candy — not to mention carnival rides and food. In one snap, Jenner and Scott posed with their daughter in a fake hot air balloon.

April 2019: Superhero Squad

The threesome went all out for the release of one of 2019's most highly anticipated movies, Avengers: Endgame. Jenner sported a Captain Marvel outfit, while Scott wore a head-to-toe Iron Man costume. Stormi, for her part, looked adorable in a maroon cape.

April 2019: In His Honor

Jenner penned a heartfelt tribute to Scott for his 28th birthday, which included a picture of them hugging Stormi while all wearing matching blue tie-dyed sweatshirts. In the caption, Jenner got real about wanting to "make another baby" with her then-boyfriend.

August 2019: First Family Red Carpet

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Stormi clearly wasn't bothered by the bright lights at the Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly premiere. She remained focused on the cameras as she held tight to her mama. Scott couldn't help but gaze at his daughter with pride. Scott's documentary reflects on not only his career but showcased intimate moments of his relationship with Jenner, including never-before-seen footage of her pregnancy.

Just look at that pout!

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And one more for good measure!

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September 2019: Candid Family Fun

All about the artwork! It's no doubt Stormi is #blessed with great genes, and while her finger paintings are exactly what you'd expect from a toddler, they're über-cute and Jenner can't help but show them off. Also in the September 2019 art pic, Jenner included a snap of herself with Scott and Stormi from their trip to the Los Angeles Zoo back in July 2018 and it is so pure. The rapper was clearly in his element laughing next to his leading ladies.

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And just like that, we're at the end of our list. Whether you ship Scott and Jenner as a couple or not, fans can all agree they made a beautiful and happy little girl! Don't worry, just because their relationship is on the rocks, it doesn't mean fans won't get more family photos in the future.

Jenner has made it clear they are both truly dedicated to remaining good friends and even better parents to Stormi and I'm all about that kind of positivity.

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