"13 Going On 30" is one of the best movies to watch after a bad date
11 Movies To Watch After A Bad Date To Help You Believe In Love Again


After a totally lackluster date night, one of the best ways to ease your pain (besides hanging out with a bowl of Ben & Jerry's) is to watch a movie. But what kind of flick should you go with? Sure, you can watch a weepy drama and indulge in sob-fest. Or you can watch a cynical drama to assure yourself that love sucks and you're better off without it. But I personally think the best movies to watch after a bad date are ones that will make you laugh while also reminding you that love is possible for anyone, as long as you're willing to wait for it. What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic.

Romantic comedies sometimes get a bad rap, but I think there's something cathartic about the mushy, fun, feel-good quality of a good rom-com. Who cares if they're full of grandiose gestures, ridiculous coincidences, and unrealistic expectations? Whether you find them swoon-worthy or lame AF, rom-coms can serve as the perfect distraction from life's little disappointments. The best ones will also remind you that relationships are never without their complications, and if you need a pick-me-up after an uninspiring date, these are the movies to turn to.

'Set It Up'

In a nod to classic romantic comedies, this Netflix original is about two demanding workaholics who unwittingly bring together their overworked assistants when the assistants attempt to play matchmaker with their bosses. A great match could be right in front of you, and this movie is proof that you can fall for someone when you least expect it.

'To All the Boys I've Loved Before'

This Netflix original is based on the first book in Jenny Han's bestselling series, which follows the story of Lara Jean Covey, a high-schooler whose secret love letters to former crushes accidentally get circulated to those boys. As well as being adorable as heck, it's the perfect reminder that even the biggest romantic disasters can lead to wonderful surprises.

'13 Going On 30'

Though you've probably never woken up after your 13th birthday party in the body of a 30-year-old fashion magazine editor, I think anyone can relate to gawky Jenna Rink and the feeling of not being ready to grow up — even after it already happens. Whether you have a Matty out there waiting for you or not, this movie is for anyone who wants to believe that nothing is irreversible and that a little childlike faith (and wishing dust) can open the door to wild possibilities.

'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'

In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Toula Portokalos' family starts to panic when she turns 30 and is still unmarried, and under that pressure, Toula decides to finally take control of her own life. She quits her job at the family restaurant, focuses on herself, and unexpectedly falls in love — with someone who isn't Greek. This one is for all the relatives who have ever given you crap about your dating life, and it's a great reminder that finding love usually means learning to love yourself first.

'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a struggling musician gets unexpectedly dumped by his TV star girlfriend and escapes to Hawaii — only to find that his ex is at the same resort with her obnoxious new boyfriend. Heartbreak has never been so funny, especially since this movie will give you hope that someone's out there waiting for you who's way better than your ex.

'Ali's Wedding'

This rom-com tells the story of the titular Ali, a charismatic and musically-talented son of a cleric who is forced to choose between the woman he loves and the woman he's already been promised to at his father's mosque — while also trying to convince his dad that he's doing well enough in school to become a doctor (spoiler: he's not). If you think your love life is complicated, Ali may just give you a run for your money.

'Never Been Kissed'

Just like 13 Going On 30's Jenna Rink, Josie Geller's adolescence was far from charmed. However, when she goes undercover as a high school student for a journalism assignment, she gets a chance to do it all over — though it doesn't go quite the way she expected. This rom-com shows that no one has to be stuck as "Josie Grossie" forever.

'Always Be My Maybe'

This Netflix original rom-com follows childhood sweethearts who — 15 years after a dramatic falling out — reconnect as adults in incredibly different socioeconomic lifestyles. This movie is proof that it's never too late to change your mind and follow your heart.

'Bridget Jones's Diary'

No one will inspire you to make resolutions and stick to them quite like Bridget Jones does. OK, she may not do a great job of following through with what she intends to do, but she does demonstrate that — no matter how many embarrassing mistakes you make in your dating life — you can always change your luck with the right attitude.

'Nappily Ever After'

When a woman gets tired of waiting for her longtime boyfriend to propose, she learns to love herself again by getting rid of her most beloved asset: her hair. Though I'm not necessarily suggesting you shave your head in the name of self-love, Violet will help you see that, sometimes, it's better to walk away and figure out what you really want than to get a ring from the wrong person.

'The 40-Year-Old Virgin'

This comedy revolves around timid Andy Stitlzer, who — when his coworkers discover he's never had sex — is pushed to step up his bachelor game. Despite his resistance, he meets someone with whom he thinks he stands a chance, so even if you feel destined to be a 40-year-old virgin sometimes, this movie is a reminder that confidence can make anything happen.

Chances are that you'll already be feeling sad and bitter after a bad date, so why not make yourself laugh rather than fan the flames? Terrible dates come and go, but these classic rom-coms will keep you believing in the possibility of love forever.