11 Gifts For People Who'd Definitely Rather Be Sleeping Than Exchanging Presents

Have you ever noticed that finding the perfect gifts for people who love to sleep is almost too easy? You know the friend we’re referring to here, don't you? She’s easily the sleeping beauty of your squad who just #CantEven with Monday through Friday mornings. She's the BFF who you wouldn't blink twice at if you saw her shooting coffee through an IV to get her through 8 a.m. seminars and late nights at the office. Any gift that has to do with her bedroom, nighttime wardrobe, or a wind-down routine is one she's going to be grateful for because, for her, sleep is life, and she can’t get enough of it (who can?).

Plus, if you think about it, a better night's sleep is just one of those things everyone appreciates, but rarely gets enough of. Just because your giftee might be lazing in bed late into the morning doesn't necessarily mean they're getting the quality sleep the average human needs to function. In fact, if your friend is clocking in over six to eight hours of sleep every night, their bodies might be trying to overcompensate for a lack of a good rest. Therefore, as far as I see it, the most generous gift you can give them is an accessory or two to either a) better their space or b) prepare their body properly for sleep. Here are a few ideas to help you get the job done.

A Sleek Sleep-Tracking Watch

Wesoo K1 Fitness Watch and Sleep Monitor, $30, Amazon

Fitness trackers are still a thriving trend in wearable tech, but have you noticed this one major upgrade recent models have installed in their machinery?

According to a new report issued by the sleep experts at Sleep Cycle, Americans' sleep quality has decreased by 10 percent from 2016 to 2017 (ouch). I have a hunch that this might be why technology brands are issuing trackers that not only count your steps and calories burned, but that also monitor your sleep quality metrics.

Wesoo's band is a bestseller on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating and unique sleep design that truly does it all.

Their New Nightcap

Lipton Herbal Supplement Bedtime Bliss, $4, Walmart

Obviously, your girl has to switch to decaf eventually if she ever wants to fall asleep.

Remind her by gifting this doze-inducing sip from Lipton that combines chamomile leaves, mint, and orange peels to ease you into a comfortable sleep state "like a lullaby in a cup." Slip a Barnes & Noble gift card in her holiday card, and you've just set her up for the sweetest of dreams.

A Comfy Pair Of PJs
Adore Me

Sleepwear Set in Christyna, $20, Adore Me

I cannot be the only person obsessed with cozy, holiday-themed pajamas. This season, Adore Me has expanded their merchandise with a ton of his-and-her styles to choose from, but the Christyna style is hands down my favorite of them all.

For some reason, black, white, and red plaid just looks like pure Christmas to me. Plus, the set is made stretchy for optimal comfort and with cotton for all the snuggly feels.

An Aromatic Bath Bomb
Lush USA

The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb, $9, LUSH USA

If your giftee religiously takes baths before slipping into something comfy and hopping into bed, Lush's newest sleep-inducing bomb is about to be her new favorite bathroom accessory. It's the perfect formula to relax her body and mind, as notes of lavender, neroli, and chamomile fragrances transform her tub into an aromatic soak.

A Soft Blanket To Snuggle Under
Bed Bath & Beyond

Madison Park Ruched Faux-Fur Throw, $40, Bed Bath & Beyond

Who couldn't use a gigantic throw blanket to hibernate in throughout the winter months?

Madison Park's blanket is made from 100 percent faux-fur, features micro-fur for extra warmth on those freezing nights, and it's also huge enough to share, so maybe she can finally stop hogging the covers when you sleep over.

An Overnight Mask To Enhance Their Beauty Sleep
Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack, $20, Sephora

Beauty sleep isn't a myth, ladies. When you sleep better, you feel better, and when you feel good, you look good. See how that works?

Chances are, your sleepy friend likely clocks in the recommended six to eight hours of sleep every night, which means her skin is probably glowing, but there's always room for improvement, right?

Too Cool For School's overnight mask will enhance her skin's recovery cycle with superfood ingredients and natural enzymes. Plus, it smells like pumpkin, and I can't imagine a better way to fall asleep than with the scent of pie all around you.

An Artistic Diffuser
Saje Natural Wellness

Aromaart High Tide Ultrasonic Diffuser, $85, Saje

Essential oils for sleep are super trendy right now, but it doesn't look like the fad is fading anytime soon. Trust me, I'm not the type to talk up the trends if I haven't done the research myself, and diffusers are a must for everyone's bedroom.

TBH, diffusers can be super ugly and cheap-looking, but this Saje model is the prettiest piece of functional decor I've ever seen. The beautiful pattern was designed by San Francisco artist Heather Day, and was inspired by the healing powers of the deep, blue sea. So much zen, so many aromas to lull your giftee to sleep.

A Soothing Candle
Primal Elements

Primal Elements Tahitian Vanilla Two Wick Color Bowl Candle, $20, Amazon

Doesn't this candle look good enough to eat? I can guarantee my 9-year-old niece had no idea just how lovely this candle was going to make my apartment smell when she gifted it to my husband and me last Christmas, but this decadent display is still burning bright, and veiling our home with the scent of sweet vanilla 12 months later.

You don't necessarily need essential oils to practice aromatherapy, and if your bestie has a sweet tooth, this yummy-scented candle from Primal Elements will have her dreaming of sugar plum fairies year round (not kidding, it's good for 60 hours of burn time).

Go Old School With This Digital Alarm Clock

Peakeep Battery Digital Alarm Clock, $13, Amazon

I don't have to tell you that smartphones are low-key ruining our lives, especially in the bedroom (and no, I'm not referring to your libido). No matter how much a person sleeps, the blue light that shines from your cell phone is messing with your sleep cycle, but what's a girl to do when her only means of an alarm is via smartphone?

Be the best friend you are and buy your sleeping beauty a digital alarm clock. This old school model from Peakeep has a snooze option, so she can squeeze in a few extra minutes of shut-eye if and when she wants. It's also a "smart nighttime clock," which means it has sensory lights that turn a subtle blue at night.

A Sleepy Supplement
Sun Potion

Sun Potion Organic Ashwagandha Powder, $37, iHerb

Adaptogens like ashwagandha are another social media trend that's actually making a difference in how people are sleeping. This is definitely the perfect gift for anyone who you know has wanted to try adaptogens for themselves, but couldn't commit to the pricy purchase.

Trust me, I recently put Alaina Sullivan’s moon milk recipe for Bon Appétit to the test when I was tossing and turning through an awful couple of nights, and I was genuinely impressed by just how relaxed I felt by adding ashwagandha to my nightcap. Your giftee will love the combination of the powder's sleep and overall health benefits.

Slippers They Can Sleep In
Out From Under

Out From Under Scruffy Slipper Sock, $16, Urban Outfitters

If your BFF takes a lot of heat for wearing slippers to bed, offering a pair of Out From Under's scruffy slipper socks tells them you're on their side (or, at the very least, won't judge them for it).

I'm a fan of this creamy-colored pair, specifically because they're subtle enough to wear with roomy Uggs on really cold days.