7 Dreamy Products That'll Help You Fall Into A Deeper & More Restful Sleep

by Julia Guerra

Sorry friends, but it turns out Kesha is one of the rare few who can say with confidence that they wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, and science says we can blame it on Western civilization. How’s that for first world problems? Neuroscientist Michael Rosbash claims we’ve been ignoring poor sleep patterns for far too long, and it's high time we start paying attention. By overlooking your own body's demand for a good night’s sleep in order to catch up on the last few episodes of GOT, or scroll mindlessly through Instagram for an hour, a significant lack of shut-eye has become a serious public health problem. Personally, my first instinct would be to set aside all technological devices and get some shut-eye, but if unplugging still doesn’t do it for you, there are a loads of products that help you sleep better, and (hopefully) have you feeling refreshed by the time your alarm goes off.

Rosbash specializes in circadian rhythms, and recently won the Nobel Prize for his team's research focusing on how genes control our body's natural sleep patterns. His study shows that each 24-hour cycle of your circadian rhythm first affects how you sleep, which then translates to every other aspect of your daily life, such as your attention span, hormone levels, and metabolism. Basically, not only does your quality of sleep affect your ability to function mentally, but it controls almost every aspect of the human body, too.

In order to guarantee you're meeting the FDA recommended six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per night, log out of social media, and wind down with these seven products that encourage a better night's sleep for a better you come morning.

Oil Therapy To Lull You To Sleep

Farmaesthetics Dreaming Oil, $27, Follain

Essential oils have become a must-have product in the wellness space, as difference scents can trigger different emotions and behaviors. But if you're not ready to splurge on a fancy diffuser system, the Farmaesthetics miniature bottle will do the trick.

Described as a "lullaby in a bottle," the brand's restorative oil combines notes of sage and lavender to simultaneously relax your mental and physical body as you drift off to sleep. Rub two to three drops into your palms, or drip a few drops into a steaming bowl of water, and breathe in deep to warm your senses and ease the mind.

Body Lotion To Soothe The Senses

LUSH Sleepy Body Lotion, $10, LUSH USA

When bedtime rolls around, my body is exhausted and uninterested in spending more time in the bathroom than I need to. So while I admire all of you who dedicate anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes performing nighttime rituals and skincare routines, it's just not for me.

But Lush's Sleepy Body Lotion can easily be added to any minimalist regimen. After you brush your teeth, and before crawling under the covers, pamper yourself a little by massaging this pale purple cream all over your body for a delicious, sweet, dream-like scented balm. Not only will the process lull you to sleep, but ingredients like oatmeal, almond, and jojoba oils soften your skin.

A Bedtime Tea To Sip Before You Snooze

DavidsTea Organic Dream On, $9, DavidsTea

I'm one of those people who drinks at least three cups of tea per day, each flavor serving a separate purpose. DavidsTea is one of my all-time favorite brands because of their wide variety of flavors and remedial combinations.

Organic Dream On is made with chamomile, lemongrass, rose petals, and hibiscus, among other sleepy-time herbs that quiet the mind, calm your muscles, and encourage a long night of deep, dream-filled sleep.

Pro tip: I highly advise sipping this right before bed, because when this brew hits you, there's zero chance you'll be able to keep your eyes open for even one Netflix episode.

An Aromatherapy Roller To Help You Wind Down
Mr. B's Necessities

Mr. B's Necessities Calm/Sleep Aromatherapy Roll On, $12, Mr. B's

I have a minor obsession with roller balls. Aesthetically, they're just so stinking cute, but I also appreciate that they are travel-friendly, so it's easy to get your fix of essential oils on the go.

Mr. B's Necessities aromatherapy roller is perfect for night owls who find it nearly impossible to wind down. The potion is a mixture of jojoba, sweet almond, lavender, spruce, and orange oils that should be applied onto the neck, temples, feet, and chest to help you simmer down when it's time to sleep.

A Sleep Mask To Block Out The World

ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold, $10, Amazon

Unless you have those incredible black-out curtains that turn any time of day to night, making your bedroom pitch black isn't always possible.

This sleep mask from ALASKA BEAR is made from 100 percent top-quality mulberry silk, and comfortably drapes over your eyes with a snug, breathable fit. According to the brand, this product is particularly great for insomniacs and people who experience frequent nighttime migraines because its natural fibers are hypoallergenic and keep healthy oxygen flowing in, pushing dry air away from the eyes.

A Sleep App To Guide You Into Your Snooze

Headspace Meditation For Sleep, Free Trial via Headspace

I've been using Headspace for just about a year now, and I can personally attest to the fact that these practices really do work.

If you have a type A personality that absolutely will not let you wind down, plug in a pair of headphones or set your smartphone on your nightstand, and follow along to Andy Puddicombe's soothing voice to guide you to sleep.

PJs To Keep You Cool
Raven & Crow

Raven & Crow Mint Long Sleeve Pajama Top, $79, Raven & Crow

A lot of people toss and turn, not because they're feeling overly anxious, but because they just can't seem to get comfortable. There are a ton of factors to consider here, one being your pajamas.

Raven & Crow is an eco-friendly brand that produces bamboo fabric pajamas that are a) comfy AF and b) sustainable. By releasing 30 percent more oxygen and absorbing more carbon dioxide than other sleepwear fabrics, each set is super breathable. It regulates your body's temperature while you snooze, so you can say goodbye to waking up with hot flashes.

Sweet dreams!