11 Creative Ways To Buck Wedding Ceremony Tradition, From Colorful Dresses To Puppy Parades

If you've always been one to dance to beat to your own drummer, you may already see your wedding as a day to let your individuality shine. From blue bridal gowns to hot wing buffets, these creative ways to buck wedding ceremony tradition are totally cute ways to make your wedding totally yours. Whether you want your wedding day to be completely unconventional or you see yourself tying the knot with a couple of unique touches along the way, dodging tradition here and there can make your wedding more comfortable for you and your guests.

Of course, tradition can be super important. If wearing your mother's veil or reciting specific religious texts mean something to you, then incorporating familial or historical customs into your wedding can be super special. Still, you day is yours. You get to remix, dress up, or dress down any wedding ceremony traditions that feel right to you. And if completely bucking tradition feels good for your and your spouse-to-be, making your wedding completely your own is a great way to say "I do."

If you're looking to make your wedding day totally special, these 11 creative ways to buck wedding ceremony traditions can make your wedding totally you.

Make Your Wedding Party Gender-Neutral

Inviting your friends and loved ones to stand in your wedding party is a special way to show your people that you love them and want them to have a role in your big day. If you and your spouse don't want to divide your wedding parties or if you don't want to stick to gender norms in your wedding, having one big gender-neutral wedding party, or two wedding parties with open-gender policies can be a sweet way to make everyone feel comfortable and celebrated.

Taste The Rainbow

Let's get right to it: Brides don't have to wear white. Ditching the white can allow for colors galore, from patterns to monochromes to cute two-piece sets. Incorporating color into your wedding outfit can be a super fun way to make your wedding unique. And if you're not feeling a dress, wearing an amazing suit, jumpsuit, or romper situation can be a total showstopper.

Have A Friend Officiate

Having a friend or family member officiate your wedding ceremony can be add a super personal touch to your wedding ceremony. From sharing silly stories to speaking about your love, someone who knows you and your boo may be able to make the whole room shed a tear. If your wedding ceremony is religious, having friends or family do readings from holy texts or otherwise participate in the ceremony can be a fun personal touch.

Walk The Walk

If you're not super into the traditional walking down the aisle, maybe walk into your wedding dancing with your spouse to your favorite song or start the wedding ceremony with you both already at the front. If your wedding is outside or in a fun location, the ceremony may not even have an aisle for you to walk down. However you choose to enter your ceremony can set the tone for the rest of your special day. Walking in with your bestie, your whole family, or even by yourself can make whatever statement you want it to.

Go Phone-less

Although wedding hashtags are taking over, having a phone-check at your wedding can make sure your guests are paying attention and not sitting behind their screens. Having a phone-less wedding ceremony can eliminate the risk of someone's phone going off during the vows and can make everyone focus on being in the moment — rather than taking the perfect #weddingselfie or matching with cuties on Tinder.

Go Vintage

If you have a taste for vintage, having your wedding party wear vintage items can be a super cute way to bring some retro into your wedding. From vintage accessories like earrings or cufflinks to full on pieces like dresses or blazers, incorporating vintage touches into your wedding can be super unique and totally fun. If you and your partner are vintage lovers, having vintage wedding rings can be a beautiful way to get your "something old" that will last a lifetime.

Tap Into Your Friends

Maybe you have friends that are musicians or artists, or you have friends that brew beer. Tapping into the unique talents and passions of your amazing friends can add some totally unique touches to your wedding ceremony. If your friend does graphics, maybe they can help design your invitations or pamphlets. If they're super into plants, they may be happy to help perfect your bouquet. Incorporating your friends and loved ones into your wedding ceremony can be a great way to make some new traditions.

Get Your Own Ring

You and your boo may have a lot of similarities, but you don't need to feel the pressure to have matching rings, or rings at all. If you're a silver person and your spouse is into gold — your wedding rings are merely a symbol of your love. They don't have to be made from the same material to show that you're in it for the long haul. If you're not into rings, work with your hands, or prefer other jewelry, having a wedding necklace, bracelet, or allocating your ring fund to a vacation may be a better fit for you and your boo.

No More Matching

From flowers to dresses to colors there are a lot of things that can match in a wedding ceremony. If you're not into the matching having your party wear different dresses or hold different bouquets can be a totally unique way to make your wedding special. Whether you want your party to pick their own dresses and flowers or you have a not-matching vision in mind, there's no need to make everything match on your special day.

Create Your Own Rituals

If you and your partner aren't into the traditional vow exchange and then kiss, making your own ritual can be a super sweet way to buck tradition. Whether you want to literally tie a knot, write each other letters to open in 20 years, or light a candle for loved ones that passed away before your wedding, incorporating your own rituals can be a personal spin on your special day.

Choose A Meaningful Location

Whether you tie the knot in your favorite library or the bar where you had your first date, the location of your wedding ceremony can be a super unique way to set the tone of your wedding. Choosing a meaningful location can give your guests a little insight on your love, and can be a super special way to celebrate your relationship. Hosting your ceremony somewhere that matters to you can make your wedding extra special.

Of course, no matter what you do for your special day, your wedding ceremony will be amazing. If you're into keeping some traditions, or if you want something totally unique, making your wedding your own is a super special way to tie the knot.