11 Accessories To Get For Your Workout If You’re A First-Timer Who Needs Motivation

by Georgina Berbari

When you jump into a workout routine for the very first time, it can be hard, sure, but it's also really fun and inspiring. You can literally feel yourself getting stronger and stronger as the weeks pass, and it's exhilarating to find new ways to challenge your body. But no workout routine is complete without the right accessories, my friend. Stocking up on accessories for your first workout routine is crucial, but it's also a blast, because shopping, duh. But really, it's all about finding those little things that actually make you want to get up and slay your fitness goals each and every day.

Whether it's a cute water bottle that you'll always want to keep by your side, a supportive sports bra that you actually feel comfortable in, or a quality set of resistance bands to stash in your gym bag, these are all super practical accessories that will help you out if you're a first-timer at the gym. Even if you feel really lost at first, just remember that the name of the game, above all, is to find accessories that truly motivate you every time you look at them or wear them. Trust me, there's no better feeling than getting genuinely excited for your next workout, sheerly because you cannot wait to wear that adorable new pair of leggings.

That motivation can be difficult to maintain when you first start a workout routine, but with these 11 accessories, you'll always look forward to your next trip to the gym.

A Gym Bag That Reminds You How Awesome You Are
Society 6

Duffle Bag, $35, Society6

This gym bag is large, spacious, and easy to carry, so that you'll be able to go from the office to that new workout class with total ease.

Plus, this duffle bag literally tells you that you're an awesome champion who can do anything she sets her mind to. Motivation at its finest, people.

A Water Bottle That Applauds You For Hydrating

Motivational Water Bottle, $19.99, Uncommon Goods

Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated throughout the day, but it's even more important to do so when you're sweating it out during your regular workouts.

This water bottle will congratulate you for chugging that H2O, because sometimes, you just need that little pat on the back, you know?

A Headband To Tame Those Sweaty Flyaway Hairs

Fringe Fighter Headband, $18, Lululemon

There's nothing worse than when you're attempting to focus on slaying your daily cardio session, and you're literally getting a mouthful of your own hair with each move you make.

Lululemon is here to rescue you with this comfy, practical, and most importantly, super cute headband to tame any flyaways that dare to stand in your way.

Socks That Tell You What You're Capable Of
Joy of Socks

Get Motivated Ankle Socks 6 Pair Pack, $10.50, Joy of Socks

Once you get into a regular workout groove, you'll soon realize you literally never have any socks to wear, because of how many sweaty ones have found their way into your laundry basket.

Rather than dropping your hard-earned money on multiple pairs of plain, boring socks, stock up on these adorable, motivational bad boys to remind you why you love to work out.

Adorable Leggings That You Can't Wait To Wear To The Gym
Yoga Outlet

Onzie Cut Out Yoga Capris, $43.46, Yoga Outlet

Everyone has that pair of leggings — you know, the ones that you literally can't live without, and that actually make you look forward to your next workout.

Trust me, these unique cut-out leggings from Yoga Outlet will get you through even the most challenging of sweat sessions.

A Sports Bra That's Actually Comfortable
Yoga Outlet

Onzie High Neck Sports Bra, $30.99, Yoga Outlet

When you're a newbie in the world of fitness, you'll quickly learn just how important it is to find a sports bra that makes you feel like you can conquer any workout, and that doesn't distract you from your goals because of how uncomfortable it is.

Keep your motivation strong with this sleek, supportive sports bra — which, BTW, comes in so many different patterns and colors, and they're all equally to-die-for.

A Rad Pair Of Sneakers To Support You From Head To Toe

Champion Women's Gusto Cross Trainer, $24.99, Payless

Having a comfy pair of kicks that won't crush your toes or leave blisters on your feet will help you stay focused on making it through those last 10 minutes of your cycling class with ease.

Plus, these babies will go so well with any and every athleisure outfit you put together.

A Yoga Mat For All Of Your Zen Desires
Yoga Outlet

Gaiam Yoga Mat, $21.98, Yoga Outlet

Whether you're testing the waters of yoga for the first time, or you simply want something to pop down on for a quick ab circuit, this mat has all your needs covered.

The intricate design will make you want to roll it out and get in some movement, even on the busiest of days.

Something Cute To Keep Your Phone Safe

Speedzter Cell Phone Arm Band, $18, Etsy

Let's be real: A lot of arm bands like this tend to look pretty boring and generic, but you need something to keep your phone out of harm's way while you're doing your thing at the gym.

Trust me, this printed accessory from Etsy will make you want to strap on your iPhone and jog it out to your favorite playlist.

Resistance Bands For Your Home Workouts
Power Systems

Versa Loops, $3.39, Power Systems

When your schedule gets too hectic to make it to the gym, that doesn't mean you have to let your motivation go to waste. These resistance bands will help you accomplish just about any workout you want, right in the comfort of your own home.

Headphones To Pump Yourself Up With All The Jams

SoundSport® in-ear headphones, $49.95, Bose

Creating a workout playlist that you genuinely love to jam out to while you're in the zone is one of the many things that can make exercising so much fun.

Pop in these fun, neon ear buds, and channel your inner strength, girl.