Shay Mitchell Says These 3 Workout Essentials Are Perfect If You're Always On The Move

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Shay Mitchell is pretty much always on the go. Not only does the Pretty Little Liars star have to constantly travel to shoots and live that #FamousActressLife, she even has her own YouTube series, aptly titled Shaycation, in which she travels all around the world being the Shay we know and love. Not bad for a day job, right? But how does she keep it together on a mind-body-spirit level when she's all over the place, all the time? Well, for one, Shay Mitchell's workout essentials make it super easy for her to squeeze in some exercise whenever, wherever.

Oh, and BTW, if you've got a hectic schedule, too, these essentials can literally be packed right into your backpack or suitcase, and each one is under $10. Yeah, no need for a pricy treadmill, or one of those fancy pilates machines here, guys.

In a recent interview with Women's Health, Mitchell said she tries to stay active most days, regardless of what her schedule looks like, and that she considers working out to be a major act of self-care in her daily routine. She explained,

I like staying fit and active whenever I’m on the go. Going to the gym, for me, is very therapeutic. I will always make time for myself to do that.

She continued,

I go based on how I feel. And to be honest, I do feel my best when I’ve had a good healthy week and I’ve worked out. But I’m also an everything-in-moderation girl. I will always have a bite of a chocolate brownie. I will always have a bite of pizza.

Same, girl.

And as for what she actually does in her workout routine, Mitchell told Women's Health that it's all about finding what feels good for her:

I kinda just do what I feel like, and that seems to work for me.

If you're constantly on the move like Shay is, but you're not sure how to keep up with your workout routine, here are the PLL actress' three essentials that she never leaves home without, and how you can start using them yourself.

Mini Resistance Bands For Squats

Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands, $9, Amazon

Mitchell told Women's Health that these babies allow her to pop down and do some squats whenever she feels like it. She explained,

You can do squats anywhere. You can literally make your hotel room, or wherever it is, a gym.

So, you want to try some resistance-band squats at home? Simply place the band around your thighs so it's positioned right above your knees. As you perform a regular squat, sending your tailbone back and to the ground as you bend, make sure your knees are over your ankles and aren't pitching forward over your toes. Resist against the band to make sure your knees aren't falling inward toward each other.

You'll definitely feel the heat after just a few reps, trust me.

A Classic Jump Rope For A Little Cardio

Fitness Master Jump Rope, $7, Amazon

Mitchell told Women's Health she always brings a jump rope with her wherever she goes, and for good reason. Even a minute or two of this workout gets your heart pumping. And, believe me, if you aren't down with just jumping in place for one long set, there are plenty of ways to create variation for this workout.

A good place to start is by following a simple 10-minute jump rope workout. This workout from Crossrope Jump Ropes, for example, includes 30 seconds of basic jumps, followed by 30 seconds of alternate-foot jumps, then 30 seconds of rest. Repeat that set a few times through, increasing your speed with each round.

Fair warning: You might need a quick nap when you're done with this workout.

Sliders For All Kinds Of Planks

C9 Champion® Gliding Core Discs with Exercise Guide, $10, Target

The PLL actress told Women's Health she loves using her sliders for a killer plank workout that you can do literally anywhere, at any time.

There's a huge variety of moves you can do with these sliders, but a great one to start with is this: Simply position your feet on the sliders, getting into a solid plank position with your arms directly under your shoulders. One at a time, slide each of your legs up toward your arm, bending each knee as your leg slides forward.

This video from Totally Fit by Jodie DeRose illustrates this move perfectly, and DeRose actually uses paper plates on carpet as her sliders. Talk about cost-effective, right?

Thanks for the workout tips, Shay!