6 Ways To Bring The Jump Rope Back Into Your Workout Routine

by Georgina Berbari

For the longest time, I thought the cardio side of fitness was limited to tedious treadmill sessions and boring biking. But when I started trying to incorporate different HIIT workouts into my gym routine, I realized how many of them actually include jump ropes as their cardio of choice. If your last memory of jumping rope is associated with elementary school recess, you might want to dig that bad boy out of the bottom of your closet and make the transition from hop-scotch to HIIT cardio.

Here are six jump rope workouts you can incorporate into any exercise circuit for a major ass-kicking.

Trust me, you're not going to want to skip out on these.

1. 180-Degree Turn

I have the coordination of a hippopotamus, so turning and jumping rope at the same time was tricky at first, TBH.

But once you get this move down, you'll work your quads and calves, and improve your balance, all at the same time.

2. Double Under

You were basically the coolest kid on the block if you could do this at recess (or if you had Cosmic Brownies in your lunchbox -- #TBT).

CrossFitters are actually notorious for using "the double under" in their routines. This move essentially involves jumping as high as you can, while spinning the jump rope two times so it passes under your feet twice before you land.

Honestly, I'm breaking a sweat just writing about it.

3. Jump Rope Jacks

Jumping jack, meet the jump rope.

This is actually considered one of the easier maneuvers in the jump rope world, so once you get the hang of it, you can increase your reps and have a little fun with it.

And remember to only move your legs in the jumping jack motion -- flailing your arms would just get wacky and weird.

4. Single Leg Hop

If you've ever wanted calves of steel, this move is definitely for you.

Hopping through the rope on one leg is guaranteed to make you feel the burn and provide some serious sculpting action below the knees.

Plus, that balancing action is really no joke.

5. Squat Jump Rope

I can hear the groans already.

But hear me out -- combining your skipping sesh with a set of squats will get your heart racing and your booty working like nothing else you've ever tried.

Try to stay low in a deep squat without straightening your legs for major #GluteGains.

6. Lunge Jump Rope

Take the plyometric jump lunge to the next level by adding your jump rope into the mix.

You'll probably be begging for your monotonous elliptical sesh after a few of these strenuous skipping sessions.

But, in the words of Barney Stinson -- challenge accepted.