These Valentine's Day Makeup Looks Will Give Everyone Major Heart Eyes

by Kelsi Zimmerman

Whether you plan on spending Feb. 14 at a romantic, candlelit dinner date, with your best friends (virtually), or on your couch with Ben & Jerry, a festive beauty beat is always a good way to celebrate the Hallmark holiday. If you're considering a special Valentine's Day look but don't have time to scour the internet for last-minute inspo, don't worry, because endless Valentine's Day looks await you. Trust me, you'll trigger the heart eyes Emoji reaction in anyone who sees you with these Valentine's Day makeup looks.

Your mind likely defaults to a bright red lip exclusively when you think about Valentine's Day beauty. And that's an undeniably, foolproof look. But this V-Day, why not try a beat that goes beyond the traditional red pout. Consider mixing up your look with multiple shades, textures, heart motifs, and, of course, glitter. If you're down for that, I've rounded up a mix of beauty looks that include all of those things, as well as ombre lips, multi-toned eye looks, lots of pink, and yes, even heart-shaped glitter.

Ahead, prepare to fall in love with the 10 Valentine's Day makeup looks that will definitely make your crush post a million heart eye Emojis under your selfie.

Valentine's Day Makeup Look: A Vampy V-Day

Hello, darkness, my old friend. Contrary to popular belief, there is a way to incorporate dark, moody shades into a beauty beat on the holiday centered around love and light — and this vampy burgundy look by NikkieTutorials is the perfect way to do so.

Valentine's Day Makeup Look: Seeing Red

OK, I know I said Valentine's Day 2021 was the year to go beyond "traditional" red lips. However, when you exchange the red lip for a wash of bright red eyeshadow, it makes for a bold V-Day makeup look that is still red hot.

Valentine's Day Makeup Look: Pretty In Pink

A glossy, neutral pink color is the perfect pout color for Valentine's Day, especially when it's paired with this sparkly, light-and-dark pink eyeshadow look. Set off by sky-high lashes and the sharpest cut crease, this look may be more romantic than the holiday itself.

Valentine's Day Makeup Look: Queen Of Hearts

If extra is the name of your makeup game, then this hot pink eye look with tiny hearts dotting your cheeks appropriately screams, "I'm a (self-)loving Queen."

Valentine's Day Makeup Look: Send Nudes

Give a whole new meaning to the term "send nudes" this Valentine's Day by rocking a completely nude beauty beat. This soft glam is the only "nude" you'll want to be serving up, anyway.

Valentine's Day Makeup Look: 50 Shades Of Pink

If your love language is staring at the sunset clouds and halo eyes in different shades of pink, then this is the look for you. Just make sure to finish it off by highlighting the brow bone with a pearlescent pink that shines brighter than anyone's love for you.

Valentine's Day Makeup Look: Ombré Red Lip

Mix up a bold, red lip by adding splashes of all of your fave shades of red lipsticks. To really set off the look, create an all-over bronzed glow and use a reddish gold eyeshadow that plays off the blended shades on your lips.

Valentine's Day Makeup Look: A Velveteen Makeup Dream

This dusty rose lip look, paired with a deep pink, black, and brown smoky eye, is extra dreamy, thanks to its soft, velvety textures. It's the ultimate moody, romantic look for a cozy date night in.

Valentine's Day Makeup Look: Pink Nudes

If you're neutral about the holiday, a soft-wash of pretty pink neutrals all over is the perfect look for you on Valentine's Day. It's subtle yet radiant, and you might just fall head over heels for it as an everyday look.

Valentine's Day Makeup Look: Literal Heart Eyes

If you're unafraid of a bold makeup look — and you have a steady hand, kill two birds with one stone (or heart) this year with a Valentine's Day look that combines literal hearts on your eyes with the current e-girl makeup trend. You might just become TikTok famous in the process.