10 Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts Under $50 That Make The Absolute Perfect Gifts

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Cupid may encourage us all to celebrate and spread the love every year, but damn does February 14 bring a lot of pressure. Lucky for you, these 10 Valentine’s Day beauty gifts under $50 will make you actually appreciate the day of love without the added gift-giving stress.

Not sure about you, but I’m sending this post to my boyfriend immediately after it’s published. I’ve basically added everything I could ever want for Valentine’s Day onto this list, and made sure to include many brands I’m currently obsessed with (including new brands and the ones I've been obsessed with for years). My boyfriend loves to give me the excuse that he "lost the trimming guards for his electric trimmer" so he can’t trim his beard and just has to grow it out until it reaches the floor (he hates the clean-shaven look on himself). So can you guess what beauty-related product my boo will be getting this Valentine’s Day?

Curtis will be receiving a new facial trimmer with 150+ trimming guards (that he’ll have to try hard to lose) so I never have to look at (or be scratched by) his Santa Claus beard ever again. I, on the other hand, will hopefully be receiving one of these lovely products for our special day. Hopefully your boo (or best friend, or mommy, or whomever) will find this list and pick you something special — this is my Valentine’s gift to you.

Every single one of the shades in this lip set screams sex. Be prepared for a hot makeout sesh, and be sure to tell your lover you’re welcome for choosing a lipstick that’s clean, chemical-free, and harmless on their lips.

If I end up receiving this gift for Valentine’s, I’ll most likely take a hint from the product title and ask my boo to wait on me hand and foot (not that they don't do that already). Would be extra special if he offered me a nice hand and foot massage after I opened this gift, too!

I’m pretty sure the title says it all: use this palette and you’ll instantly be locking lips with a Valentine’s sweetheart. OK, maybe it won’t happen that fast, but this four-piece set certainly will help you get there.

OK, so I know this mask is $2 shy of being $50 or under, but it’s such a lovely (and Valentine’s Day-approved) pick that I couldn’t resist. The 2-in-1 mask is a rose-scented dream, using rose flower powder to exfoliate the skin, while Bulgarian rose oil, Argan oil, and many others work to intensely hydrate.

The price on these epic blotting sheets couldn’t be better, and I'm obsessed with the empowering message. Gift this to your favorite girlfriend for a Galentine’s Day — they'll thank you.

Apparently, Kate Middleton is obsessed with using rosehip oil on her skin, so obviously we all should be, too. This three-piece gift set includes Trilogy rosehip antioxidant oil, a cream cleanser, and the rosapene night cream. My skin has never been more hydrated and supple after using these products regularly for the last few weeks.

Back massage on Valentine’s Day, anyone? With three types of oils, including Firming, Clarifying, and Restorative, this cute little set will help you and your boo get in the mood.

Kat Von D is one of the sexiest (and most badass) women in the beauty industry, so why not channel her ‘tude on Valentine’s Day? The two-piece set includes her Mini Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick in “Double Dare,” as well as her bestselling Saint Eau De Parfum.

There’s nothing worse than getting back from a romantic Valentine’s dinner, showering in a hotel, toweling off, and then realizing there’s no blow dryer in the bathroom. Everyone needs a cute little blow dryer, and Kristin Ess’ compact one delivers.

Hopefully your Valentine’s Day will involve a lot of kissing — which means you need to be prepared with this three-piece set, which includes a Nugg Hydrating Lip Mask Cream, Sugar Lip Scrub with Vanilla Bean aroma, and Sugar Lip Scrub with Chocolate Mint aroma. Your partner won’t be able to stop touching your lips.