30 Valentine's Day-Themed Beauty Products To Buy Yourself Today, Because You Deserve It

by Stephanie Montes
Courtesy of Avon // Courtesy of KKW Fragrance

Valentine's Day has always been a big deal for me (though, I should mention, my birthday is the day before, so it's usually party vibes all week long). It's not even about having a date either — it's the festive beauty that matters. I just love that everything in February comes packaged in shades of pink and red, with heart motifs and kiss prints everywhere, and these Valentine's Day beauty products are no exception. To celebrate the holiday of love and treat yourself today, cozy up to these 30 (I know, I know, but you need options!) skincare, makeup, nail, and hair products, all packaged in cute sweetheart-themed designs.

Whether you're in the market for a beauty buy to share with your best friend, a set of Valentine cards for your whole crew (I'm talking one that conveniently come complete with perfume samples), or all the pampering essentials you need for a party of one (Candles? Got 'em! Face masks? Got those too!) these are the best essentials to celebrate this February and beyond. Now, all that's left is deciding which of the below you love the most. Be warned: Taking your pick won't be easy, so just be sure to follow your heart.

I can't think of a cuter accessory to brighten up the inside of your purse, can you?

It's like those Valentine's Day cards you used to pass out in school, but even better with perfume samples.

Give one half to your bestie, keep one for yourself... or, you know, just keep it all for yourself.

Who said you need your crush to make you blush?

Lovely on the outside, and even more lovely on the inside.

It's not about the pink and red color palette of this cute mini straightener; it's the cute heart-print motif on the top that really seals the deal.

For all you people ready to splurge out there, this luxe Louboutin gift set is just what you need on your Valentine's Day wish list.

Not only did Essie roll out a collection of the perfect pink and red nail polish shades, but they packaged them in the most adorable printed bottles.

This iconic scent needs no introduction, amirite?

You've seen glitter skincare masks, but this one takes the cake with its heart-shaped sequins.

Set the mood for a hot date with yourself. TBH, that's the only date you need.

Roses are red, violets are cool. But have you seen this rose-infused body care gift set?

Make your room smell like a loverboy, without the emotional drama.

This heart-shaped sponge looks cute, sure, but it gets down and dirty removing makeup and dead skin.

In case you'll be doing any kissing this Valentine's Day or any day after, make sure your lips are prepped and ready to go.

This eye mask with heart-shaped sunglasses printed on it brings new meaning to the term ~beauty rest~.

Kiss basic makeup brushes goodbye and fall in love with these instead.

The only thing better than hugs and kisses? A three-wick candle from Bath & Body Works.

Get ready to fall in love with the sweetest body oil you'll ever try.

With a perfume bottle this chic, I almost don't care what it smells like... almost.

You already know and love the Lancome Monsieur Big formula. The limited-edition Valentine's Day tube just sweetens the deal.

I just can't with how adorable this lipstick print is.

You've heard of heart eyes. Now, KAJA brings you heart cheeks.

It might look like Valentine's Day candy, but it's just loose bronzer shaped like Xs and Os.

Get ready to fall in love with this heart-shaped highlighter.

I can't think of a better way to mend a broken heart.

If love is a battlefield, you'll need this heart-shaped bullet lipstick in your arsenal.

Feel the love (and a relaxing massage) with this heart-shaped rose quartz face sculptor.

Treat yourself to this mud mask this Valentine's Day and plan a night to stay in and relax. Even better, the packaging is super Instagrammable.

You'll be the ultimate heart-breaker when you add this eyeshadow palette to your vanity.