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10 Hometown Traditions That'll Always Have A Place In Your Heart

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No matter where and how far you roam, one thing will always remain true: You'll never give up your timeless hometown traditions. They've built a permanent home in your heart, reminding you to adventure to where you grew up at least once or twice a year. Although, you might have heart eyes for city skylines, trendy breakfast spots, and bustling streets now, they are — and will forever be — your roots.

Just thinking about how you and your dad would head to the diner on Saturday mornings when you were in high school, and laugh about life or something ridiculous your siblings did, probably brings you endless joy. The way the mugs looked when they were filled with coffee, what the home fries looked like when they were made fresh, and how much syrup your dad poured on his French toast may be engrained in your mind.

Every once in a while, you might tell your new besties about how every person in your hometown heads to the high school on Thanksgiving for the football game or throws a massive party for the Fourth of July. Like you, they have their own timeless hometown traditions — such as these 10 — with a certified space in their heart.

Grabbing A Bite At Your Local Diner
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The first of these traditions is about your hometown diner. It's where you and your besties hung out after school and eventually became regulars who always ordered vanilla milkshakes. On the weekends, it's where you and your mom, dad, or maybe older brother enjoyed waffles or late-night pancakes. To this day, it's your first stop when you head home.

Going Shopping At The Mall With Your Mom

Shopping trips with your mom are, and always will be, a #must when you're in your hometown. She may be your favorite shopping buddy and you two have a routine for conquering the mall. First, you might head to your go-to stores for jeans, jackets, and tops. Then, you grab some frozen yogurt from the food court before heading into the candle or skincare store. It's a science and timeless tradition.

Getting Your Hair Done By Your Go-To Stylist

You may have a hairstylist based in your hometown that you've been seeing since high school. They know the way your hair naturally parts, what shampoo you like the best, and what kind of cut will always make you look super cute. When you need a trim, you wait until you're going home so you can make an appointment with them and get it done just right.

Attending The Thanksgiving Football Game

No matter where you're at in life, that doesn't stop you from sliding into the bleachers at your school on Thanksgiving morning, like the rest of your hometown. You break out your alumni attire and handmade signs, and cheer on the team as they rush toward the end zone. There's nothing quite like it.

Hanging Out At The Nearest Beach

If you're in your hometown during the summertime, you traditionally make it a point to hang out at the beach. You set up your towel near the same ol' rock or pavilion that sells French fries, and look out at the ocean #views you've loved for years. It's peaceful AF.

Driving Around The Same Streets And Backroads

Back in high school, you and your besties might have hopped in your car and cruised around for hours. You may have listened to your favorite Taylor Swift songs and talked about your crushes as you passed by cozy houses, restaurants, and neighborhoods. To this day, you might drive around those streets aimlessly and catch up on life.

Seeing A Movie At The Local Theater

It seems like there's a movie theater in every hometown that's been there forever. When you were a kid, it might have been where you saw Finding Nemo for the first time or had a birthday party. Now, it's where you watch the sequels of your childhood favorites and reminisce on timeless traditions over bowls of popcorn.

Skateboarding At The Same Ol' Park

Since you were a little kid, you may have been going to the park with your siblings and riding around the ramps. On the super crowded days, you might chill with your skateboard and watch other people surf through the bowls. On not so crowded days, you might try and teach yourself new tricks. Either way, the experience never gets old.

Going For A Walk Around The Reservoir
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Getting outside always makes you appreciate your hometown a little more. That's because, tucked away in the woods and off the busy streets are walking paths, bike paths, and hiking trails that give you a new point of view. Whenever you're home, you might like to climb to the top of the mountains or wander by the water and get some fresh air.

Having A Campfire With Your Friends From Home

One of the most timeless traditions you have from your hometown is having campfires with your besties. When you're all home from college or wherever you are in the world, you might meet at someone's house for s'mores, music, and lots of reminiscing. You talk about high school and how you all have a special place in your heart for your home. That feeling will never go away.

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