'The Cheetah Girls' from the Disney Channel Halloween costume
10 Throwback Disney Channel Halloween Costumes That'll Make You So Nostalgic


Deciding what to dress up as for Halloween is never an easy choice. In your younger years, costumes were usually centered around your favorite hobbies, future career aspirations (any other former wannabe astronauts out there?), or whatever your adult decided to dress you as. As everyone grew up, however, ballerinas morphed into sexy kittens and future doctors dressed as memes. So, if you're stuck on a look this year, consider a throwback Disney Channel Halloween costume that will make all your IG followers feel just like little kids again (and probably regret their decision to go as Joe Exotic like everyone else).

It's no secret Disney provides a treasure trove of costume ideas, from princesses to magical nannies, boys who never grow up, to cuddly not-so-scary monsters. Not only is there a look for everyone's vibe, but the costumes make for great IG caption fodder, too. While Disney feature films like Frozen and Snow White inspire countless Halloween costumes every year, 'fits inspired by Disney Channel original movies and shows aren't as common, so you'll be less like to come across repeats, but you'll be just as recognizable.

So, whether you bring it back to 1999 by dressing like a girl living in 2049 or you slap on a purple witch hat and head to Halloweentown, here are some of the best throwback Disney Channel lewks (as well as everything you need to pull them off).

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'The Cheetah Girls'

Few Disney Channel looks are more iconic than those in The Cheetah Girls. The Disney Channel Original Movie may have come out in 2003, but animal print never went out of style, so this costume is totally trendy for 2020. Whether you go with the traditional tan cheetah pattern or pick a more vibrant color, there are tons of options out there.

While having a group of four is ideal for this costume, if you're dressing solo, just say you're a Cheetah Girl missing your sisters and you'll be set.

'Hannah Montana'

Welcome to the world of low cut jeans, sparkly tanks, lots of layering, and chunky highlights. Miley Cyrus's ever-changing look is the stuff of costume dreams, so take it back to the role that put her on the map with a full-sequin outfit.

To dress Cyrus's Disney character (when she was in pop star mode, of course), channel an early 2000s vibe with bold sparkles, a blonde wig, and as many gold accessories as you can find. Don't forget the mic so you can belt her theme song.

'High School Musical'

Get ready sing "Breaking Free" on repeat after dressing like Gabriella and/or Troy from High School Musical. The looks are relatively simple to pull off — all you need are some staples you probably have in your closet. Toss on a red dress or rock a white basketball set (you might as well buy a Wildcats jersey if you don't have something usable in your closet). Don't forget to tote around Troy's trusty basketball to complete the ensemble.

'Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century'

According to the brains of the late '90s, in a little over 20 years, everyone will be wearing pigtails and pink jumpsuits. While I have a hard time believing this is what my kids will be wearing to school, the looks make for great Halloween costumes, especially if you like pink.

Whether you're channeling Zenon or her bestie, Nebula Wade, the looks are pretty simple. Pair a pink unitard with a mini skirt and vest in matching colors. Finally, finish the look with some high ponies and silver accessories for an out-of-this-world costume.

'The Proud Family'

If you're looking to get animated (and buy costume pieces you might actually wear again) dressing like Penny Proud or her nemesis-turned-frenemy LaCienega are easy and cute ways to make Disney fans proud. For Penny, pair a maroon skirt with a collard shirt and pink cardigan, and don't forget her signature pigtails.

For LaCienega, layer a red cardigan over a pale pink shirt, and don some jean capris, light blue tennies, and some pale pink socks. Finally, tuck a red flower behind your ear to become one of the most beloved mean girls out there.

'Lizzie McGuire'

If you want a costume that dreams are made of, Lizzie McGuire is the ultimate Disney throwback. While her most iconic look isn't technically from Disney Channel, since she wore it in the movie was released to theaters, I'm letting it slide because it's just that good. To pull off her pop-star look, deck yourself out in a full lavender getup, and snag some extra fabric to make the long train. Finally, toss on your headset prior to taking the social media stage to complete the 'fit.

'Kim Possible'

Kim Possible is the ultimate cool girl and her style is effortlessly simple to pull off. Plus, she makes for the perfect 2020 costume with captions like: "Call me, beep me, because coronavirus won't let you meet me." To make this look possible, simply pair some olive cargo pants with a long-sleeve black crop top, a fanny pack, and some thick black gloves.

If you don't have Kim's luscious red locks, a wig or semi-permanent dye can help complete the look.

'That's So Raven'

Raven Baxter had a ton of awesome outfits throughout the series, and the easiest (and one of the most remembered) one is actually fairly simple to pull off. Tan pants, a red grid coat, a rust-colored scarf, and some sunnies are all you need. Just tuck a flower behind your ear and practice your "I'm getting a vision" look to fully nail the 'fit.

'Cadet Kelly'

Hilary Duff's alternate Disney ego, Cadet Kelly, had a look almost as well-loved as her Lizzie McGuire style. Just like with most of the throwbacks, it involves statement pieces you probably either burned, tossed, or hid deep in the closet. Pair a pink shirt with some pink and purple camo pants, a belt that looks like it belonged to a leprechaun, and add some bangles, hoop earrings, and every piece of Tiffany jewelry your exes gave you that you haven't been able to part with.


It wouldn't be a Disney Channel costume list without mentioning the channel's most loved Halloween flick, Halloweentown. Marnie Piper's iconic witch costume is simple to recreate at home; all you need is a robe, a witch's hat, and some silver felt. Just cut out some felt stars and crescent moons in different sizes and use either hot glue or fabric glue to adhere them to the robe and the hat.

Whether you try to match these costumes down to the last stitch or you just use the looks as an inspiration, the point is to wear something that makes you feel good while still getting the reference across. Feel free to have fun with it, because after all, that's what Halloween — and Disney Channel — is all about.