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10 Things To Buy Your Pup For Your Home Office, 'Cause They're Your Loyalest Helper

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Your current situation may look a little something like this: Your pup is your best fluffy co-worker who you see on the reg. It may not have been part of your initial 2020 plan to work from home full time, but you're thoroughly enjoying responding to emails while also petting your pup who's chilling on your lap. Of course, you want the loyal helper in your life to feel completely cozy in your home office space and need the deets on how to set your dog up in your home office.

As much as you enjoy them sitting on your lap, you know it wouldn't be a bad idea to give your golden retriever or husky mix their own comfy place to sleep while you type away. In a bed that's equally as fluffy as they are, they could dream about chasing a tennis ball or enjoy a delicious treat with you during your coffee break. You'll tune into virtual meetings without one worry that your pet is getting the love, attention, and care they need.

Of course, when you're on your lunch break, you can reach under your desk, give them a pet, and then play with your pup in your home office. To get started on this dream of a situation, check out some of these products and ideas, and hit "Add to Cart" on your next break.

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Put A Plush Bed Under Your Desk

First things first, you need a place for your pup to chill while you're crushing your career goals. This plush dog bed will do the trick by giving your pet a luxurious place to curl up. Put it under your desk or in the corner of your home office beside a pet-friendly plant, and watch your dog rush to it every day for a nap.

Serve Their Food And Water Into Trendy Bowls

Having a trendy bowl for water and one for your pup's food is #necessary. They need to have easy access to these essentials, especially if they're hanging out in your home office every day. Purchase a set of these two-handle bowls, and set up your dog with their very own cafeteria of sorts. Create your own basket of snacks to put on a shelf nearby.

Dress Them In A Custom Hoodie

What you wear to your home office may be very different than what you wear to your *actual* office. Currently, your #OOTD might consist of one of your favorite crewnecks paired with some leggings.

Let your dog get in on the WFH fashion trends by dressing them in this cozy, custom hoodie in the morning. Then, carry them into the workspace you have set up.

...Or A Comfy T-Shirt On Warmer Days

On warmer days, when you have the thermostat in your home office turned up a bit, put your dog in this cute, baseball-style tee. It'll get them in the mood to curl up under your desk and play fetch when you're in between meetings. Not to mention, it'll match nicely with whatever decor you have in your home office.

Let Them Rock A Colorful Bandana For #Inspo

Pups who are accompanying their paw-rent on super creative and brainstorming-heavy jobs may want to rock a colorful bandana like this one. It might inspire you to think outside-of-the-box or to always bring your A-game. After all, your dog will look ready to walk down a puppy runway.

Prepare Them For Big Meetings With A Bow Tie

Of course, some days, you have to ditch your Casual Friday-like attire and opt for something more professional. If you're hosting a meeting or being interviewed, send your dog a memo to get dressed up, and then help them put on this floral bow tie. When they show up in the background of your screen, your coworkers will be instantly impressed by their style.

Treat Them To A Fresh, Fun Chew Toy So They're Never Bored

Especially if you have a puppy, you'll want to give your pet an adorable toy to play with while you work on your assignments. That way, you don't have to worry about them chewing up the legs of your desk chair. This octopus toy, in particular, will ensure the dog you love is never bored. It's made of rope, so it's durable.

Toss Them A Squeaky Toy When They're Energetic

Does your pup respond better to squeaky toys? Well, look no further than this cactus toy that's absolutely perfect for dogs with lots of energy and a love for the great outdoors. It'll keep your pet happy and occupied. Add it to the mix, OK?

Give Them A Treat For Being A Very Good Boy

Your dog is probably always a good boy. But, you'll be so proud of and impressed by them when they're chilling with you in your home office all day long exuding an unlimited amount of cuteness. For that reason, give them a pumpkin and apple dog treat. You wouldn't want any other companion during your day.

Hang Up A Custom Portrait Of Them On The Wall

Last but not least, show your appreciation for your loyalest and cutest helper by hanging up a custom portrait of your dog in your home office. Lean it against a wall so they can see themselves when it first arrives, and then put it in a prime spot. At the end of every day, pick up your pet and show them the artwork, and say, "Who's the greatest work helper of all?"

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