7 Editors Reveal The Work From Home Shoes They’re Living In

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If you’re new to the work-from-home routine, then you’re in good company. (And by ‘good company,’ I don’t mean your floor lamp that’s adopted eerily human-like qualities since hitting day 50-something of quarantine.) Many of us at Elite Daily are right there with you — navigating virtual workdays and trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy any way we can. For me, that means picking out a stylish and comfortable work-from-home look, but hey, I tend to find my solace in clothes and accessories (hence, the whole fashion editing thing).

That’s exactly why I asked my coworkers to share the WFH shoes they’re obsessed with right now. From fluffy pastel numbers that combine the best of both footwear worlds (slippers and sandals — who knew?), to sporty neon slides and classic moccasins, our team has you covered. And to take things one step further, each contributor has included an at-home pic of how they actually style their shoe-of-choice (just in case you’re craving some extra wardrobe inspo, too). I know spring typically calls for showers, but at least with one of these luxuriously cozy styles under foot (pun intended), you’ll still find yourself walking on sunshine.

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Elly Ayres, Branded Fashion Editor

How would you describe your typical WFH style? I'm combatting cabin fever by wearing as much color as possible, while still keeping things comfy. Technicolor tie-dye sweatshirts, rainbow maxi dresses, and oversized band tees emblazoned with my favorite artists are on heavy rotation.

What makes these shoes your current go-to? There is something so outrageously fun about these slippers UGG gifted me, which is definitely needed when facing the current climate. They’re super-soft and cozy but still open-toed (it’s practically summer, after all!), so the style is much more versatile than you would think.

How do you style them? The beauty of a highlighter-blue fuzzy shoe is matching isn't really the point (AKA: I wear them with everything)!

Shyema Azam, Branded Beauty Editor

How would you describe your typical WFH style? It's hard, but I try not to wear pajamas all day — especially since I'm still taking calls and virtual meetings. My style has always been a little casual and I like streetwear brands, which are naturally really comfortable with their oversized shirts and sweatshirts. So I'll usually wear that over leggings (or jeans with stretch when I'm feeling really ambitious).

What makes these shoes your current go-to?I love wearing slip-on slides like these because they're just easy and comfortable. The metallic rose-gold gives it a nice pop, so I don't feel totally drab at home.

How do you style them? I usually wear a casual top and cozy pants, like joggers or sweats with these slides. It's a pretty laid-back look.

Kate Marin, Branded Fashion Editor

How would you describe your typical WFH style? My WFH style is pretty similar to my pre-quarantine style since comfort and simplicity are core to my wardrobe. I've been gravitating towards wide-leg trousers, sweats, and crewneck sweaters that make me feel put-together but never restricted.

What makes these shoes your current go-to? These slippers UGG gifted me have been my go-to during quarantine. They're by far the coziest shoes I own and feel much more elevated than my regular house shoes.

How do you style them? I styled these slippers with a cashmere sweater and white wide-leg trousers. My favorite outfits are always the ones I didn't think too hard about when styling, and sticking to a neutral palette definitely helps keep things streamlined.

Jackie Bernstein, Vice President of Branded Content

How would you describe your typical WFH style? We live in atypical times! I don't generally WFH, but my usual work uniform includes tomboyish basics: black tees, jeans, oversized sweatshirts, the occasional shirtdress. I've worn jeans twice in quarantine (and that was...fine). I like clothes I can move in, and sitting at home all day makes me more inclined to grab stretchy, flowy stuff. If I'm feeling "formal," I'll throw on a denim jacket, pop a collared shirt under my sweatshirt, or put on a comfy pair of black (non-legging) pants. If I'm feeling Grey Gardens-y, I'll wrap myself in a floral robe.

What makes these shoes your current go-to? This is a practical shoe with chaotic energy! Ideally a WFH shoe is very comfortable — the stretchy mesh upper and cushy footbed makes these perfect for afternoon dog walks. I also love that these feel like a technical shoe, as if I'm a pro athlete in between workouts and not someone who's on back-to-back Zooms all day. But really, I bought them because they're obnoxiously bright and make me smile.

How do you style them? I think we're all craving visual stimulation in any form possible, right? I've leaned hard into athleisure and clashing colors. On most days, I'm dressed like an off-duty aerobics instructor, or like I am in between raves. Perhaps it's a mood-booster. Here, I've paired the slides with a band tee, color-blocked leggings, a neckerchief (doubles as a DIY mask!), and a pair of blue-light glasses, which are also neon yellow because I cannot be stopped.

Jenna Wexler, Associate Director of Branded Fashion

How would you describe your typical WFH style? So, right before shelter-in-place took effect, I had coincidentally been back home in LA for a photo shoot. Cut to May, and here I am still living out of my carryon bag in my childhood room. Luckily, my dad has a great vintage shirt collection I've been raiding and I've made a couple *necessary* online purchases (so much Aritzia loungewear and my new favorite cut-offs).

What makes these shoes your current go-to? Sadly, my favorite house UGGs are gathering dust in my Brooklyn apartment. However, their dream team was kind enough to send me this fluffy coral pair that are an instant pick-me-up (and insanely comfy). Plus, being back at my parents' has me finding things like old Juicy jackets so I'm really leaning into some fashion nostalgia. I'm rotating these with Birkenstocks for the backyard and New Balance 990s for walks around the neighborhood (a trifecta?!).

How do you style them? My standard uniform is very all-black-everything, so these are a welcome pop of color. Going the more-is-more route with these tie-dye socks from my good friends at Goslett Shell Company felt right. There are truly no rules when it comes to WFH looks.

Nancy Valev, Production & Project Manager

How would you describe your typical WFH style? One of the most effective ways to get myself motivated while working from home is to dress myself up, beyond sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Of course, I also want my outfit to be comfortable, so I typically gravitate towards looser, free-flowing pieces in breathable materials. A pair of '90s-style flare jeans or oversized trousers with a smartly-tucked basic tee or button-up (when I’m feeling real fancy), usually does the trick.

What makes these shoes your current go-to? I find these Birkenstocks comfortable enough to walk around the house in and easy enough to slip on for a quick errand outdoors when needed — they function as both sandals and slippers. Plus, they pair perfectly with most of the outfits I wear while working from home. I love their seasonal versatility; I can wear them with or without socks, so they’re never stashed away during the summer/winter shoe rotation.

How do you style them? My favorite way to style Birkenstocks is with any kind of cut-off denim to show a little ankle. I typically lean toward a flare jean, and I’ll play around with the masculinity of the shoe by wearing a loose-fitting, slightly oversized tee that I’ll usually tuck. I like to keep it casual and clean by sticking to neutral colors, a classic striped pattern, or a playful graphic tee.

Arielle Dachille, Senior Branded Entertainment Editor

How would you describe your typical WFH style? My work-from-home style varies from pants-less, to "pretending to be in public," to "cozy with a chance of bodega run." Any of those looks will require a library of T-shirts, which I am rich in.

What makes these shoes your current go-to? Wearing these slippers is like wrapping your feet in little sheepskin rugs. Additionally, they remind me of my high school obsession with moccasins.

How do you style them? Most often I can be found wearing these slippers with grey stretched-out sweatpants and a holed-up band T-shirt that I haven't taken off for about three days straight. Because I'm following the rest of the world and getting into tie-dye though, I'm probably going to be wearing these with a home-dyed T-shirt and short PJ set for the foreseeable future.

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