Elly Ayres

Elly Ayres is the Associate Director of Branded Fashion at Bustle Digital Group. She works with BDG’s fashion clients to bring their stories to life, creating everything from custom-shot features and article roundups to custom videos and social moments across BDG’s many platforms.

Elly writes, edits, and develops branded fashion content. She strategizes with the branded design, talent, and production teams to launch style-focused stories that BDG's audiences want to consume. Whether readers want to refine their personal style, learn how to make the season's top-trending looks their own, or are seeking inspiration from their favorite influential style personalities, they will find just what they're looking for in the branded fashion content that Elly helps create.

Previously, Elly helped launch the commerce vertical at BDG. She also covered fashion and grooming at Men’s Health and worked in web production at Vogue. She graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in journalism and minor in French.

When Elly’s not busy exploring her Brooklyn neighborhood, you’ll find her catching live shows at her favorite venues, curating the perfect playlist, or brushing up on her encyclopedic knowledge of rock 'n' roll history. Contact Elly at ellyayres.com, or see what she’s been up to on Instagram.