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10 Low-Key Surprise Birthday Party Ideas For The Pisces In Your Life

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If you've ever planned a surprise birthday party before, then you know it can require some serious organizational and secret-keeping skills. In the weeks leading up to the big day, you have to coordinate reservations and decorations. These surprise birthday party ideas for Pisces don't require that same hustle, though. They're low-key and lovely at their core, matching the personality traits of your partner, BFF, or co-worker who you're celebrating this season.

Let's talk a little about what makes a Pisces, shall we? Typically, a person with this zodiac sign may be the chillest one in the group. They'll sit there for hours listening to your drama, stories, or passions, and give you the best advice on how to conquer your dreams. They're also the first one to say "I'm going to head home" during a night out, because they love relaxing in a space that's well-known and their own. On the weekends, you might find them catching up on their favorite Netflix shows and making coffee in their kitchen, or hanging out in sweatpants and listening to music.

They're one of the most casual zodiac signs in the night sky, which is why a low-key party is a perfect fit for them. Here are 10 ideas to get you started on celebrating the Pisces in your life.

Take Them To Their Favorite Coffee Shops
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If your Pisces is a big fan of making coffee in the morning, then you'll want to take them to their fave coffee shop for their birthday. Maybe there's a spot across the street with amazing matcha, or a java joint a short drive away with a sweet cold brew on the menu. Make it a point to bring them to this spot and partake in some meaningful conversation.

Get Tickets To See Their Favorite Artist Or Band

Most of us have a particular artist or band we love to listen to, and your Pisces is no exception. On their birthday, surprise them with tickets to a show. Package the tickets up with a bag of their favorite candy or snack, or some merch they can wear on that dreamy night.

Share A Picnic On The Beach At Sunset

Your Pisces strives to make tons of exciting memories in their lifetime. Sharing a picnic on the beach at sunset with someone they love will definitely be a notable one. Especially if you bring some sparklers, cupcakes, and Polaroid frames along, this may be their best birthday celebration yet.

Go Bowling With Their Best And Closest Friends

Although your Pisces could strike up a conversation with just about anyone in a room, they really want to hang out with the most important people in their life on their birthday. The best way to make this happen? Arrange a night of bowling and pizza with your person's crew in attendance. Taking a group pic will be required.

Have A Romantic Date Night At Home
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In case you didn't already know, your Pisces loves hanging out at home. When life is particularly busy and chaotic, they want nothing more than to watch movies and eat amazing food with you. Plan a romantic date night filled with rom-coms and takeout food for your partner's birthday. They'll love it from start to finish.

Take A Wine And Painting Class

A Pisces tends to have a knack for creative things like painting, singing, or dancing. That means they would totally rock a wine and painting class on their birthday. Call a local studio and see if they offer private sessions, or reserve a few seats for a group session. Then, pick out a bottle of wine you two can bring with you to the ~artsy~ celebration.

Go On A Thrift Shopping Spree

Your Pisces loves items that have been pre-loved. That's why you probably always find them wearing clothes that have been thrifted. Take them on a thrift shopping spree for their big day, and help them roam around the aisles and score great deals. It just might be the day your person tracks down the rad vintage jacket they've been looking for.

Spend The Entire Day At A Local Spa

Rest and relaxation are two key ingredients in the recipe for a successful birthday. Your Pisces will adore checking into a local spa for their big day and getting treated to facials, scrubs, and lots of cucumber water. Make arrangements for a massage ahead of time, and watch as your person's face lights up at the sight of the spa brochure in a gift bag. It'll be #priceless.

Hang Out At A Bar With Arcade Games
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Going to a unique bar is always a good idea when it comes to celebrating a birthday. Your Pisces will really enjoy going to a spot with arcade games where they can hang out with their best friends and maybe win a prize. Find one in your city with the works: bumper cars, air hockey, and skee-ball.

Check Into A Boutique Hotel

If you want to take things up a notch, then you can make reservations at a boutique hotel for your Pisces' birthday. This type of celebration will still be low-key — even if it includes room service and pool hangs. Not to mention, it'll get you both some #content for the 'Gram.