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10 Romantic Trips Every Couple Needs To Stop, Drop, & Book In Their 20s

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Is there anything more romantic than traveling the world with your partner? Sure, you might not dream about walking through security lines at the airport with your love. But landing in a destination like Italy, France, or the beautiful beaches of an island is pretty daydream-worthy. It's why you've made it a point to renew your passports and look into sweet and romantic trips for couples in their 20s.

You don't want to sleep on the experiences you can have together while roaming around the lush jungles of another country or eating ice cream in a vibrant city that's close to home. Those moments are the ones you'd want to capture on camera and put in a giant scrapbook. They're the relaxing, cool, and love-filled excursions that you and your SO have put on a bucket list of "things to do together" and vowed to check off in your lifetime.

Of course, you could wait until you're older to go on these romantic trips. You might have more money or time by then to travel and score seats in first class. But taking these 10 trips in your 20s could make them so much sweeter and more romantic. Stop, drop, and book them now, OK?

A Birthday Excursion To Maui, Hawaii
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The first of these trips is a lovey-dovey birthday excursion to Maui, Hawaii. Here, you and your partner can splash in waves, eat fresh meals, and watch endless sunsets. You can leave the "real world" behind for a bit, and trade the subways for bikes.

A Relaxing Getaway To Joshua Tree, California

If you're already based on the West Coast or have had Joshua Tree National Park on your radar for a while, now is the time to venture to this desert oasis with your love. Filled with cacti and tons of cozy Airbnbs, this spot in California is a paradise for adventurous couples. Don't forget to bring your camera and get some pics for the 'Gram.

A Sun-Kissed Stay In Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tropical places are instantly romantic. They're warm, inviting, and sun-kissed. The perk of a spot like Old San Juan, Puerto Rico is that — amongst the greenery and colorful atmosphere — there's a lot of culture to learn about and soak up, too. Head there with your love for a getaway you'll never forget.

A Dreamy Vacation To Positano, Italy
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The coast of Italy is everything people hype it up to be. The seafood pasta dishes are delicious, and the rocky beaches are made for a dreamy #vacay with your SO. Throw a few bathing suits in a suitcase and take this trip with your love as soon as possible.

A Sweet Adventure To Byron Bay, Australia

When you and your SO are older, you may not want to take a long flight to Byron Bay, Australia. That's OK. It simply means you need to see the luxurious beaches, coffee shops, and lighthouses while you're in your 20s. Download a few apps for long flights before you board the plane, and you're set.

A Sunset-Filled Escape To Santorini, Greece

Watching sunsets might be you and your SO's favorite thing to do together. At home, you might venture to the beach on long summer days with a picnic around golden hour. Upgrade those experience with an escape to Santorini, Greece. Nothing can beat the views in this European paradise.

An Unforgettable Retreat To Marrakesh, Morocco
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From incredible palaces and museums, to local markets filled with artisanal goods, Marrakesh is a sight to see. It'll certainly give you an exciting stamp in your passport, and treat you to a unique time. Don't sleep on this spot — especially if you want to take an otherworldly adventure with your SO.

An Electric Trip To Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Don't sleep on Dubai. Especially if you and your SO are the type to go out on the weekends to lively bars and clubs, this city is for you. It's a place to attend concerts and festivals, and enjoy the tastiest meals from around the world. What more could you ask for?

A Couples' Holiday In Miami, Florida

Traveling with another couple is an experience you and your SO should definitely have in your 20s. It takes your usual trips to another level, and allows you to explore a new place with your besties by your side. A hot and trendy place like Miami, Florida might be the perfect destination to explore. It has so many things to do, and Disney World is only a road trip away.

A Lovely Long Weekend In Paris, France
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If you're looking to take a romantic trip in your 20s with your SO, then fly to Paris, France. You can even extend your stay in this beautiful country and explore the flower markets, palaces, and casinos in the French Riviera.

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