10 Romantic Ways To Propose To Your SO At Home & Put A Ring On It

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Shanelle Infante, Elite Daily

If you've ever watched a sitcom like Friends or New Girl, then you know some of the most romantic moments can happen right at home. Monica and Chandler proved the perfect engagement can go down right in your apartment, and Schmidt and Cece are a prime example for how you can eventually say "I do" in your living room, too. It's not always #necessary to get down on one knee while on a trip. These romantic ways to propose to your SO at home will leave you with happy tears and massive smiles just the same.

They'll also leave you with the sweet story to tell your close friends and family members, and maybe even your kids one day. You'll adore having your people gathered around on a FaceTime or Zoom call right after, or the next day, and recounting the details of the breakfast surprise or the lengths you had to go through to make sure your SO didn't see the wall you painted with, "Will you marry me?" The story can even come with a few pictures you took with your self-timer or a video that you captured, thanks to a sneakily hidden tripod.

Every time you walk past that spot in your home where you heard your SO say "yes," you'll catch a glimpse of the moment in your mind. That may be one of the greatest perks of proposing at home and in the space you've created together. Here are 10 romantic ways to put a ring on it in your kitchen, backyard, or bedroom.

Flip Through Your Favorite Pictures Together
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Print out your favorite pictures with your SO and put them into a gigantic stack. Be sure to include ones that'll make your partner smile like the selfies you took when you grabbed a pizza or went to a baseball game. At the end of the stack, put a picture of the ring you bought for your partner to find. When you two flip to that picture, get down on one knee.

Lay Out Rose Petals In The Shape Of A Heart

A proposal at home should probably include some rose petals. Why don't you lay them out in the shape of a heart in your backyard, light a lantern or two, and then invite your partner to meet you outside? They'll love how this proposal feels like something out of a movie or a dreamy Taylor Swift song.

Fill Your Living Room With Bouquets Of Flowers

TBH, you should probably take a page out of the Schmidt and Cece playbook and fill your living room with blooming flowers for your proposal. This is what Schmidt did to announce to his wife that they were having a baby. You can pick up a bunch of daisies, roses, sunflowers, and tulips at a local flower shop and do the same right in your living room.

Paint "Will You Marry Me?" On The Wall

If you and your SO just moved into your home, then why don't you make the most of the blank walls (or the walls you want to repaint soon) and paint your proposal on them? Just stop by a local paint store and get a roller or brush, and paint, "Will you marry me?" in your love's favorite color. Watch them walk into the room, smile, and then say "yes."

Get Dressed Up And Have A Photo Shoot
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Speaking from experience, if your SO loves taking pictures of you or looking at pictures of you two, then you should plan an engagement photo shoot at home. Tell them to get dressed up, but don't tell them you're going to pop the question. When you have the camera and your backdrop set up in your backyard or living room, get down on one knee and let the lens capture the sweet moment.

Create A Dance Floor In Your Backyard

Do you and your partner have a first dance song already picked out? Dance to it right before getting engaged in your backyard. Create a dance floor using wood paneling and lay string lights around the edges. Bring your bluetooth speaker outside, play the song, and slow dance under the stars before saying, "Will you marry me?"

Enjoy A Massive Breakfast In Bed

What's a better way to start off the day than enjoying breakfast food with the person you love, and proposing? Especially if you and your SO typically love finding new diners and ordering the signature waffles, this type of engagement will be so fitting. To start, make a massive meal. Then, deliver it to your partner on a tray. Slip the ring next to a plate of pancakes or eggs, and put a ring on it.

Have Your Pet Bring The Ring Box To You

You and your SO are the lucky parents of an adorable pup or a sweet cat who doesn't mind playing a game of fetch. So, for an at-home proposal, you should have your other, fluffier member of the family bring the ring box to you. Maybe you're sitting on the couch or hanging out in a hammock. This type of proposal is meant to include the pet you love and be spontaneous, too.

Leave A Trail Of Cute Notes And Memories
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For this at-home proposal idea, you're going to want to think about what you love most about your SO. Then, you'll want to jot those things down in cute notes which you can lay out in a romantic, scavenger hunt-like trail around your home. Mix the notes in with old plane tickets or bracelets from concerts you have been to together. When your partner reaches the end of the trail, make sure you're down on one knee.

Show Your SO A Home Movie Saying Why You Love Them

Get ready for lots of happy tears and make a home movie for your SO saying why you love them. Ask friends and family members to submit little clips, too, and play the film for them on your TV screen. At the end, ask them to marry you and wait for them to say "yes." It'll be an at-home proposal that will go down in the books as romantic and legendary.

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