Everyone Is Making Pancake Cereal On TikTok & It's Adorably Delicious

AleksandarNakic/E+/Getty Images

If you're an avid user of TikTok, then you know there's a new trend you have to try basically every day. From fast-paced dances, to colorful and tasty cocktails, this app is in the business of creativity and making sure you're never sitting at home bored. The latest trends you need to try are these pancake cereal TikTok recipes that'll upgrade your breakfasts, and make your next meal so adorable. (Step aside, miniature waffles and tiny cookies in milk. There's a new sheriff in town.)

These recipes combine your two favorite breakfast foods, and are pretty easy to follow along with at home. They simply require you to whip up a batch of pancake batter according to the box's instructions. From there, you have to put butter into a pan, and let it melt and cover your cooking surface. Using a spoon or cake-decorating tool, you then place tiny dots of batter into the pan in order to make your pancake cereal.

Simple, right? That's why some TikTok users have decided to take things up a notch and get creative with their recipes. They've made their bowls of pancake cereal look like a unicorn-filled dream or a rainbow that — of course — can be eaten. If you have some time in the morning, try one of these 10 recipes for yourself. Be sure to capture your adorable meal for your followers on the app.

This Pancake Cereal Is Breakfast Goals

First things first: Stick to the basics. The first time you make a batch of pancake cereal, don't do anything fancy with it. Follow along with this recipe that shows you how to perfectly place a bunch of batter into a pan and then drizzle syrup on your final product. Give the user a shoutout in the comments if your own creation is a 10/10.

This Pancake Cereal Pairs Well With Fruit

When it comes to pancake cereal, you shouldn't exclude your other go-to breakfast foods like bananas and fruit. This recipe shows you that by blending bananas into the batter and pairing the complete bowl with a side of tasty fruit. (TBH, it makes the whole meal look super social media-worthy.)

This Pancake Cereal Is Like S'mores In A Bowl

Do you have a sweet tooth? Look no further than this pancake cereal recipe then that's like s'mores in a bowl. It combines the finished pancake cereal with bite-sized Oreos, chocolate milk, and marshmallows.

This Pancake Cereal Is Completely Gluten-Free

If you're on a gluten-free diet, you can still whip up and enjoy pancake cereal, thanks to this recipe on TikTok. It shows you how to mix ingredients like bananas and eggs to make batter that's delicious and right in your wheelhouse.

This Pancake Cereal Will Give You Heart Eyes

All pancake cereal is bound to give you heart eyes. The meal is too cute for it not to. But, this rainbow heart pancake cereal may give you butterflies from start to finish. If you make it, be sure to document it for Instagram. Your loyal followers will want to see this colorful masterpiece right after.

This Pancake Cereal Is All About The Chocolate

Chocolate pancake cereal, anyone? This recipe on TikTok is a step-by-step guide into making the meal of your dreams come to life. If you decide to watch it, you'll notice cocoa powder and chocolate sauce are major ingredients in this meal. Be sure to stock up on them before you start in the kitchen.

This Pancake Cereal Is Ready For A Party

Virtual brunches are a thing now, thanks to Zoom, FaceTime, and Houseparty. And you may want to whip up this confetti pancake cereal before logging onto your breakfast date with your long-distance BFFs. It's ready for a party, with its tasty sprinkles built right into the batter.

This Pancake Cereal Is Topped With Fruity Pebbles

Who says you can't mix your pancake cereal with your favorite box of cereal? This recipe on TikTok shows you it's so possible, assuming you have ingredients like yogurt in your kitchen, too. It's another meal you'll want to document on social media — in every way, shape, and form.

This Pancake Cereal Is Made For Unicorn Lovers

Unicorn lovers: Unite... and try this pancake cereal recipe for breakfast the next time you have a free morning. It's so colorful and topped with some of your fave marshmallows from Lucky Charms.

This Pancake Cereal Is Romantic And Red Velvet

Last but not least, kick things up a notch in the kitchen with this recipe for red velvet pancake cereal. Whip them up one morning before your partner wakes up, and surprise them in bed with a homemade buffet. They'll adore your creativity and how much you always think about them when you're putting together tasty breakfast foods.