There Are So Many Epic Movie References In BTS' New "ON" Video

It was a memorable week for the BTS ARMY. In just a matter of days, they got BTS' new Map of the Soul: 7 album, a 1-hour Tonight Show special, a Carpool Karaoke episode, and two "ON" music videos. The first MV highlighted BTS' powerful "ON" choreography, while the second told a riveting story of perseverance. The new video takes place in a dystopian world, and that's why many fans connected the story to some of their favorite movies. Fans actually found 10 movie references in BTS' "ON" music video that will absolutely blow your mind.

"ON" is part of BTS' latest album, MOTS: 7, which dropped on Friday, Feb. 21. With inspirational lyrics like "Can't hold me down 'cuz you know I'm a fighter," the song is about not giving up no matter what obstacles you are faced with in life.

Having been seven years since BTS debuted, the song reflects their drive and passion that's gotten them to where they are today. For their music video, however, BTS took a more symbolic approach. Instead of directly making the video about them, BTS referenced various movies in order to tell an epic story.

Here are some of the movie references fans found in BTS' "ON" music video:

1. The Chronicles of Narnia

While the battlefield in the music video could have referenced any war-focused television show or movie, many fans connected it to the 2005 fantasy film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

2. Noah's Ark

One of the more obvious movie references was to Noah's Ark. The story has been retold many times in pop culture, so when RM appeared with a boat and a group of animals behind him, fans immediately made the connection.

3. Divergent

In the Divergent series, the characters leave their home in seek of a better future beyond "the wall." In the "ON" music video, the members do the same, along with the other survivors from war.

4. Maleficent

The fantasy setting of the video reminded many fans of the enchanted forest in Maleficent known as the Moors.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

Although the video took place on a battlefield, the members didn't wear any battle gear. Instead, they rocked wardrobe reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, according to fans.

6. The Hunger Games

Apart from the dystopian setting, the music video seemed to allude to The Hunger Games franchise when Jungkook freed his hands using the lake. According to a fan on Twitter, when Katniss got poisoned in the series, she also submerged her hands in water to relieve the pain.

7. The Maze Runner

There were so many references to The Maze Runner movies in the video, like Jungkook running and the members going beyond the wall with other survivors, but one of the more subtle references involved V's interesting neck mark. In the film, when someone has this mark, it indicates they're carrying a brain-eating virus called the Flare that eventually turns them into a Crank (aka, a zombie).

20th Century Fox; YouTube

8. Lord of the Flies

In Lord of the Flies, the characters use the conch to communicate with each other on an island. When someone blows the conch, they know to come together for a meeting.

9. Bird Box

In the video, V protects a young girl from the awful aftermath of war by covering her eyes with a blindfold. He eventually takes it off when they're safe to go beyond the wall. In Netflix's Bird Box, Sandra Bullock stars as Malorie, who protects two young children from danger using a blindfold as well.

Jin also protects birds in a cage, which Mallory also does in the movie.

10. The Lion King

Finally, the video references The Lion King's most iconic scene representing the circle of life. At the end, the members gather around a mountain, symbolizing that, despite the tragedy they've gone through, life will continue on.

Now that you're aware of all these awesome references, BTS' "ON" music video will take on a whole new level of meaning. So watch it again and prepare to be amazed.