Here's Everything We Know About The Possibility Of A 'Bird Box' Sequel


If you have been on the internet for even just a couple of seconds over the past couple of weeks, then you have probably already seen about a million memes, jokes, and references to Netflix's new horror flick Bird Box. The Sandra Bullock-led movie snuck in during the holidays to surprisingly become the last hit film of 2018 and the first big movie of 2019, so of course, its immense success begs one very important question: Will there be a Bird Box sequel? Nothing is official yet, but there seems to be good reason for fans of the movie to look forward to a sequel in the future. Let's go over all the sequel speculation that fans need to know about.

1. The Popularity

The biggest force behind a potential Bird Box sequel is the incredible success of the movie. Although Netflix famously does not release hard data on its movies and TV shows, the streaming service did reveal that that over 45 million Netflix users watched Bird Box in the first week of its release, reportedly making it the most viewed Netflix film within seven days of release ever. With numbers like that, it would be hard to imagine Netflix not wanting to try to capitalize on its success with a sequel.

Even beyond its ratings, Bird Box has struck gold by taking over social media as a viral meme. The movie's hashtag has been trending steadily on Twitter in the weeks since its release, as fans find new ways to turn the movie's blindfolded characters into relatable jokes.

2. The Precedence

Prior to this year, Netflix has actually not been known to greenlight sequels for its original movies. In fact, Netflix has only released one sequel to one of its original films to date, and that was A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, which came out just over a month ago. But recently, Netflix has totally jumped on the sequel game: this past year, it has ordered sequels to three of its original movies: Bright, Death Note, and To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

With Bird Box being one of Netflix's biggest successes of the year, and the streaming site just beginning a trend of ordering sequels, things are looking good for a Bird Box 2 pick-up.

3. Where The Story Could Go

So, it seems inevitable that Netflix will pick up a Bird Box sequel now, and while a sequel definitely works on the business end of things, it could totally work artistically as well. Although Josh Malerman's 2014 novel Bird Box does not have a sequel, the ending does leave things open-ended enough for the story to continue. Here is where I'm going to have to put a spoiler alert for the ending of Bird Box to go into specifics.

At the end of the movie, Malorie (Sandra Bullock) and her children find sanctuary at a former school for the blind, full of people who are obviously perfectly equipped to survive the sight-specific demons. This is a happy ending for the story, but the world around this school is still plagued by these sight-demons. How long could this sanctuary feasibly remain safe with the rest of the world in full apocalypse mode? A potential sequel could confront that question, and maybe even go into more detail about these monsters.