'Bird Box' Viewers Don't Know Who Sandra Bullock Is, So Get Ready To Feel Old AF


2018 has been no stranger to A-list stars bringing post-apocalyptic worlds to life in horror films. Following John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's dual act in A Quiet Place, Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock honored both Netflix and the horror genre with her leading role in Bird Box. Despite its scary content, the new film has inspired plenty of jokes on the internet, and these Bird Box memes prove that even if scary movies aren't your fave, you can laugh about nearly anything if you look at it with the right perspective.

ICYMI, Bird Box debuted on Netflix on Dec. 21 as a film adaptation of Josh Malerman's 2014 novel of the same name. The story introduces Bullock as Malorie, a mother who must guide her two young children away from entities that take the form of each human's greatest fears and drive their victims to suicide. Malorie and the kids have to travel to safety while blindfolded in order to avoid contact with the entities, mirroring A Quiet Place's strict avoidance of making a sound.

While watching a blindfolded Bullock wander along a river may definitely pique your anxiety, Twitter is more fixated on the movie's moments that made them LOL. Firstly, emphasizing how many people will watch something just because it's on Netflix, you may have spotted an alarming lack of awareness on Twitter about who Sandra Bullock was. After one particular fan tweeted that "that lady from Bird Box" looked like Michael Jackson, other Twitter users clapped back, educating the internet about the blessing that is Bullock and her filmography.

If you managed to move past viewers' indiscretions and actually watch Bird Box, you'll definitely appreciate the more specific jokes Twitter users have made. Fans have pointed out the film's tendency to bump up the sound of wind whenever a threat was near and have even compared Bird Box's nerve-wracking car ride to the Kardashians' well-captured car accident in 2015. From poking fun at the characters' blindfolds to imagining how the entities reacted when someone finally opened their eyes, the memes basically summarize the entire movie if watching a horror flick just isn't your thing.

Proving that Netflix has dominated our holiday viewing choices, people have also tweeted out comparisons between Bird Box and Netflix's recent interactive movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Both are dark stories aiming to shock and scare viewers, and although Bandersnatch's Dec. 28 launch has minimized some of Bird Box's hype, it's clear what your catch-up chats with co-workers after New Year's will revolve around. Is bringing in a blindfold to channel Sandra Bullock too much?

Whether you're on a re-watch of Bird Box or learning about it vicariously through your Twitter timeline, scrolling through these online jokes is a prime way to finish off 2018. Plus, if discovering the movie helps some people discover the joy that is a Sandra Bullock movie, we can't stay upset about the diss of being "that lady from Bird Box" for too long.

Bird Box is currently streaming on Netflix.