10 Hilarious Things You Bond With Your Roomie Over That Turn You Into Best Friends

The transition from roommates to best friends is not meant for everyone. Some roommates simply remain roommates, while other roomies become the best friends you don't know how you ever lived without. A lot of what helps a friendship like that blossom is some good old fashioned bonding time. I'm talking movie nights, taco Tuesdays, trips to the laundromat, and Sunday brunches. To take your relationship that extra mile of friendship, there are some hilarious things you bond with your roommate over that turn you into lifelong friends.

Every friendship is unique. Some even take time to get to a certain level. It definitely helps that you and your roommate are living together, so you get to be the your complete selves at all times. To help that friendship along, you have some simple roommate bonding. At the base level, you watch your favorite rom-coms together while eating takeout from that cute Thai place down the block. Though, it's the hilarious and cringe-worthy moments that truly make a friend feel more like a sister. You'll discover those on your own, but if you and your roomie have bonded over any these 10 things, you pretty much feel #blessed to have found your person.

Having The Same Celebrity Crushes

There are roommates who watch the same shows together, and then there are roomies who hardcore celeb crush and ship together. For instance, some roommates might watch Riverdale every week, complete with popcorn and rosé. You and your roommate take it to the next level. You bond over your mutual love of Betty and Jughead, and you've definitely been eyeing some Riverdale apparel from Hot Topic to give each as presents.

Watching Movies No One Else Has Heard Of

Most go-to girls' night movies include classics like Mean Girls or Clueless, but some of your favorite romantic comedies are ones that no one else has ever heard of. Your roommate may not have heard of them before either, but she's down to try anything out, and pretty soon, she's just as big of a fan quoting them all the time.

Having Each Other's Company When It's That Time Of The Month

When it's your time of the month, it can truly feel like the end of the world. All you want to do is sleep all day long until the cramps fade away. Sometimes, ladies who spend so much time together (like roommates) end up syncing up cycles.

When that happens, you and your roomie find yourselves sharing that tragic time together, and sharing some laughs in the process. Luckily, you get each other through it all with a movie marathon, heating pads, and a kitchen stocked with all the essential snacks.

Spilling The Hot Tea When You Get Home From Work

The best part about having a roommate is always having someone to talk to. That means when you come home from a long day at the office, you have someone willing to listen when you need to vent about that annoying co-worker of yours. You've gone to each other so often that now it feels like a soap opera that you can't wait to be updated on.

Sharing Your Unique Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions like putting up a tree for Christmas and carving pumpkins for Halloween are a given, but then there are the more unique traditions. For instance, you may throw your cat a birthday party every year. You know your roommate is BFF material when she's down to party as well, and even bought your feline friend a birthday present.

Your Mutual Love Of Certain Foods

There are certain foods you might not openly admit to loving right off the bat when you make a new friend. I'm personally obsessed with every different flavor of Oreo there is. Even if it's a buffalo chicken-flavored Oreo, you know I'm eating it. A roommate who becomes a BFF might have similar tastes in food, and you can try out all the new flavors together.

Baling Each Other Out Of Things You Don't Want To Do

A roommate is a great excuse for why you can't go out with your friends on a Friday night, because you're actually too exhausted. She will happily take the blame, and you both enjoy coming up with your alibis together. It's the stories you create that sometimes become the best inside jokes.

Getting To Know Each Other's Family First-Hand

You understand your roommate's family's quirks from every time she Facetimes them in the living room. You've also witnessed first-hand what they're like when they come to visit, and you love how accurately your roommate first described them. You know her family so well that they honestly feel like your own.

Your 3 A.M. Giggle Fits

3 a.m. is a magical time when you hit a wall, and everything seems to be funny. If you and your roomie are pulling an all-nighter with pizza, or coming back from the club super late, you've definitely had a giggle fit or two. It's the main source of your inside jokes and stories that no one will ever understand.

Making Up Stories About Your Neighbors

You and your roomie kind of know your neighbors. You've seen them in passing in the hallway, and can hear them through the walls. However, you bond so much over your made up stories about who they truly are. At this point, you never want to know them for real, because what you've made up about them can never be topped.