10 J. Lo-Inspired Engagement Rings On A "Jenny From The Block" Budget

Apart from genuine joy for the couple, with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's March 9 engagement has come good-natured engagement ring envy. Without a doubt, that emerald-cut diamond is absolutely beautiful. If you or your partner are looking to get engaged and are really feeling J. Lo's ring, there's no reason you can't fool folks with the rocks that you've got — but still be Jenny from the block. There are plenty of emerald-cut engagement rings under $1,000. Maybe the stone won't be quite as big — cue Twitter freaking out at J. Lo's engagement ring and just how large it is. (Diamond experts have estimated that J. Lo's ring is between 10 and 15 carats, and worth $1 million.) But if you're looking to infuse your engagement with the spirit of true romance (as it seems J. Lo and Rodriguez have on their Bahamas getaway), you don't have to break the bank.

A key thing to keep in mind with engagement rings — besides a stone's cut — is the stone itself, of course. Alternatives to diamonds include white sapphires, cubic zirconia and moissanite. All of these pale, translucent stones give off a similar, colorless glint and shine. They're also way more affordable compared to real diamonds.

And even if you draw your inspiration from J. Lo with the cut, consider, too, a ring with one stone at its center or one with multiple stones; a simple band or one that's adorned; a band made out of white gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. That being said, here are 10 J. Lo-inspired rings that will have you and your partner singing, "Baby, I Love You!"

1. An emerald-cut ring that cuts right to the chase

If you're set on a ring that has the general silhouette of J. Lo's ring, there are loads of affordable options with a bright, emerald-cut stone and a simple band to let that rock shine. The Diamond Rensu shop on Etsy offers a moissanite ring for just $149.

2. Simple with extra glam shine

This ring from Italo Jewelry is just as straightforward as the Diamond Rensu one, but doesn't have the warm tint that moissanite sometimes has. With a white sapphire stone, it actually has a little bit of extra sparkle. If you're looking for high glam, this ring is blessedly the same price as the moissanite one above.

3. Living luxe with cubic zirconia

Like the first two, this ring has the general silhouette of J. Lo's ring. But in trading moissanite for cubic zirconia and white gold for sterling silver, this ring is ultra affordable. When it comes to cubic zirconia rings, Berricle tends to have elegant, thoughtfully designed ones.

4. True diva status

Handmade and crafted from white gold, this ring gives you the general emerald cut shape of J. Lo's ring with a little extra flair around the main stone as well as along the band. One thing to note is that this ring is made with simulated diamonds. Many jewelers, like this one, opt for simulated diamonds to stay out of the traditionally abusive diamond industry and offer products that are conflict-free (a.k.a. not "blood diamonds").

5. Wholesome and worthy of an Instagram flex

Like A Sparkling World on Etsy, Green Gem creates jewelry with conflict-free diamonds. So if you're looking for a glossy, glittering diamond alternative you can feel good about, this is it. Another feel-good aspect of this ring: This cut and setting is identical to J. Lo's.

6. A classic ring with a floral flair

With clusters of rounded stones on its sides, this luminous emerald-cut ring has a bit of whimsy. The angularity of the emerald-cut stone is softened by the supporting stones without losing any of its boldness.

7. Something blue

This ring has a pavé band, which means there's the extra glam of stones around the band. But what sets this ring apart is the dusting of sky blue gems. There's a 1.5-carat version of the ring that Jewel Heist London sells for $196.90 and a 5-carat version that's being sold for $338.13.

8. A rose-gold moment that's vintage-inspired

When looking for emerald-cut rings, you'll notice that many jewelers will make "art deco"-inspired rings with this cut. The art deco era, which thrived on geometric patterns and expensive stones, started in 1920 and lasted through the 1930s. So not only will a ring like this satisfy your craving for rose gold, but it will also give your engagement a vintage-inspired touch.

9. A sleek-but-maximalist vibe

If J. Lo's ring has piqued your curiosity for emerald-cut stones but you still want to go all out with the engagement ring's band, this one's a winner. There's a curved band — well, two — to contrast against the emerald-cut stone. But it's still a bit different because of the baguette stones flanking the main. It's glam and bold without being overwhelming. And again, Berricle has come through with a beautiful engagement ring that won't quite drain anyone's bank account.

10. Completely iced-out

This ring is lovely because again, it has that same luxurious shape as J.Lo's engagement ring. There's this beautiful 5-carat diamond simulant stone and this super thin band — made out of simulated diamonds, no less — that makes the stone look about as big as J. Lo's. It would look right at home in the "Dinero" video.

And there you have it, folks: 10 gorgeous rings that remind us that love really don't cost a thing — or at least, not a ridiculous amount of money.