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Couple Gets Caught F*cking All Over A 'Fifty Shades'-Themed Exhibit (Video)

"Fifty Shades of Grey" has succeeded in inspiring some seriously questionable activity among fans.

There was the woman who got arrested for masturbating while watching the film in theaters and the guy who got charged with felony assault for "trying to recreate” scenes from the book with a partner.

One woman even sh*t herself while watching the movie, although that didn't have as much to do with the content of the film as it did with the contents of her stomach.

Nonetheless, “Fifty Shades” is off to a rocky start, reputation-wise.

The latest in “Fifty Shades”-inspired debauchery involves one Las Vegas couple, a museum exhibit, security cameras and a lot of sex.

The anonymous couple was visiting the Erotic Heritage Museum's kink-themed exhibit when they decided it would be a good idea to, um, pay homage to the book by having sex in every room after-hours.

The couple hid and waited until the museum closed and then went at it.

They failed to think the whole “security” thing completely through, though, and got busted in the middle of bumpin' uglies -- at which point, they scurried away (the woman, with her tits still out) like scared chipmunks.

Wonderfully, the whole ridiculous NSFW event was caught on security cameras, which you can watch and LOL at above.

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