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Guy Gets Felony Charge After Recreating '50 Shades Of Grey' With Girl

A college student's attempt at mimicking "Fifty Shades of Grey" ended in a felony charge of aggravated criminal sexual assault.

On Saturday evening, University of Illinois at Chicago student Mohammad Hossain went home with a female peer with whom he'd reportedly been "intimate" previously.

The 19-year-old reportedly later told arresting police officers he'd been trying to recreate E.L. James' famously erotic novel.

DNAinfo reports Hossain asked the teen, also 19, to strip to her underwear before he bound her arms and legs.

Assistant State's Attorney Sarah Karr told the judge once Hossain secured a knit hat as a blindfold and a necktie as a gag, he took off his belt and began beating the young woman with it before he switched to his fists.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Hossain reportedly held his victim down with his body when she attempted to get free of her ties.

Reportedly, he sexually assaulted the female even though she repeatedly said "no" and "stop."

Shortly after the 5:30 pm incident, after which the female student contacted police, Hossain updated his Facebook status to read "feeling accomplished," reports USA Today College.

Hossain, who was arrested late Saturday night, is being held on a $500,000 bail and there is a stipulation of a monitoring device if he does post bail.

He's forbidden to return to the UIC campus, where he was previously a student alumni ambassador and triathlon runner.