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These funny Virgo memes are perfect and hilarious.

29 Memes About Virgos That’ll Have You Stressing And Laughing All At Once

They’re honestly perfect.


Virgo season or not, there’s always good reason to celebrate the sign ruled by Mercury that embodies intensity, loyalty, and rationality. Virgos’ honesty, authenticity, and understanding make them easy to love, but they’re also a little intense for other signs. Their complex nature doesn’t click with everyone, but there’s plenty to appreciate about the sign and their quest for excellence. Whether you’re a Virgo or you know someone who is, these 31 memes about Virgos are hilariously spot on.

Virgos — people born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22 — are known for being perfectionists and can sometimes be hard to please. Jokes about the sign often have to do with their “just-so” preferences or their intensity in relationships. Since Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius signs are the least compatible with Virgos, those combos make for some hilarious memes about Virgos and their relationships with different signs.

Although memes are all in good fun, it’s also important to remember the many amazing qualities of Virgos, like their immense threshold for love and devotion, their grounding advice and support, and their meticulous attention to detail. Just remember Virgos are here to help make us all better (duh!) — and these memes about Virgos might even make your day better.

You’ll stress, you’ll laugh, you’ll stress again, but it’s hard to deny the “funny because it’s true” factor in these memes about Virgo suns and other Virgo zodiac placements.

Virgos just wanna help, y’all.

Mediocre? Don’t know her.

Virgos have some intense feelings.

Scorpio and Virgo? Oh, no.

BTS’ RM and Jungkook give off pure Virgo energy.

Virgos contain multitudes, and there’s a meme to fit almost all of their traits:

OK, Virgos, now you can go finish your to-do lists and tell everyone else what they should be putting on theirs. But when you need a laugh, you’ll always have these Virgo memes to come back to.