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How to use TikTok's Meme Maker effect to crack all the jokes.

TikTok’s Latest Trending Effect Basically Turns You Into A Live Meme

Time to start brainstorming your best jokes.

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In 2022, memes are pretty much ubiquitous on all social media apps, but there’s a new effect that makes you the star of your very own meme on TikTok, and people are loving it. Once you know how to use TikTok’s Meme Maker effect, you can generate memes of yourself by customizing the display text over a split-screen video. Some of the funniest meme effect TikToks include accidentally liking a post while keeping too close of an eye on an ex’s social media account or stockpiling email addresses to get all the free trials.

If the TikTok algorithm has figured out you’re laughing hardest at videos that involve memes, you may have seen the Meme Maker effect pop up on the For You Page in early March 2022. The TikTok effect is native to the app, and it records the meme in two parts — the first part (which is the set-up to the joke, like “half-swiping on a Snapchat message”) on the top half of the screen and the second on the bottom (which is the punchline: “accidentally opens”). While you can choose the whatever soundtrack you’d like for your meme, most videos are set to Gillian Hills’ “Zou Bisou Bisou,” a catchy tune that will leave you unconsciously humming “Zou Bisou Bisou,” which translates to “Oh Kiss Kiss” in French, for the rest of your day.

As of March 17, Meme Maker is one of TikTok’s top trending effects on the “Discover” page with over 400,200 videos using it. Take this as your sign to channel your inner creative comedian to turn your relatable moments into the next funniest TikTok meme. Here’s the rundown on how to use the Meme Maker TikTok effect so you can get in on the joke.


Where To Find The Meme Maker TikTok Effect:

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Tap “Create.”
  3. Click “Effects” on the bottom left corner.
  4. In the search bar, type “Meme Maker.”

Alternatively, you can access the effect by typing “Meme Maker” in the search bar under the “Discover” tab. The effect will appear as the top result, and you can simply press the red record button to start creating. You can also tap “Use Effect” on any Meme Maker videos you watch.


How To Use Meme Maker TikTok Effect

Once you’ve opened the effect:

  1. Click the top screen and bottom screen edit the respective text.
  2. Come up with your best meme idea. (You can check out other TikTokers’ ideas when you tap on the Meme Maker effect to bring up all the videos.)
  3. Press the record button, and make your regular expression for the top screen before the countdown ends.
  4. Record your bottom reaction expression.
  5. Review your masterpiece, and don’t forget to hashtag.
  6. Press “post” and go back to scrolling.

Remember when you’re making your meme that it should be a set-up and a joke, like top screen: “You share the funniest meme with your mom.” Bottom screen: “She doesn’t think it’s funny.” What makes it even funnier is the comic relief from creators laughing at themselves between recordings and their reactions, so don’t be afraid to crack a smile.


All that’s left to do is share all your best jokes and meme the day away.

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