These "Did it hurt when?" memes are hilariously relatable.

28 “Did It Hurt When?” Memes That Are Hilariously Relatable

Simultaneously laughing and crying.


When life gives you lemons, you make memes — at least that’s what the latest viral trend does. There are so many times when things go wrong that all you can do is laugh, and there’s a new meme that’s making the best jokes about the most relatable not-so-great moments. The trend uses the phrase “Did it hurt when?” and draws on those times when your expectations are greater than reality. To brighten your week, check out these 28 best “Did it hurt when?” memes that cover so much ground.

The “Did it hurt when?” memes began circulating on Twitter in late August 2021, and TBH, the jokes are pretty hilarious. Most of the memes play on everyday scenarios, including dating fails, college problems, and everyday occurrences (like when your roomie eats your leftovers). According to Know Your Meme, it appears the “Did it hurt when?” memes originated from the pickup line, "Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?"

Per the website, the meme became a "snowclone" on Twitter, which means people took the beginning of the phrase and attached other funny questions to the end, changing the pickup line to "Did it hurt when? ~insert relatable joke~.” The meme appears to have picked up speed after Twitter user @bratzcokeden posted the meme, “Did it hurt? when u fell off,” on July 20, 2021, though it’s unclear what they were referencing. Many more memes began appearing in late August 2021, and it officially became a full-fledged viral trend.

Now that the meme has taken off, there are so many relatable “Did it hurt when?” memes playing off the best of life moments and pop culture:

Of course, there’s a Real Housewives reference:

It ain’t a meme party until Twilight shows up:

Taylor Swift shoutouts are mandatory in meme round-ups (I don’t make the rules; I just follow them):

Twitter never misses a chance to dunk on McDonald’s and its ice cream services:

There are plenty of memes about day-to-day irritations that pretty much happen to everyone:

Have a bad date? Make a meme:

Did it hurt? When you got Jaxed?

And of course, there had to be a 2020 joke somewhere (and an ode to the concerts that never were):

Sometimes your expectations are so much greater than reality:

If you’re looking for more meme-spiration, there are plenty more “Did it hurt when?” memes that could keep you scrolling for quite a while. The only question left is: Did it hurt? When you procrastinated your entire to-do list just to laugh at these memes?