These Crate Challenge Memes Are Funnier Than The Viral Trend

Just step away from the milk crates.

by Daffany Chan
Douglas Sacha/Moment/Getty Images

The internet is buzzing about a viral new challenge, and it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. What’s been dubbed as the crate challenge has people attempting to climb up and down milk crates that are stacked on each other to resemble a staircase — all without falling. The balancing act (and unsuccessful attempts) are getting all kinds of responses on social media, and naturally, plenty of people are just hoping that it’ll all stop. If watching people attempt to scale wobbling structures has you wanting to immediately close your eyes, these crate challenge memes will speak to you.

The #cratechallenge got people across the country joining in on the dangerous trend, and it has some people scratching their heads. According to Know Your Meme, the trend seems to have first popped up on Facebook in mid-August 2021, before quickly spreading to TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. Though the challenge has recently gone viral, however, the origins of the trend most likely date back as late as 2011, specifically a YouTube video showing a man attempting to run across milk crates before falling.

Making the questionable trend even more eyebrow-raising, social media users have tried to up the ante by multitasking while trying to walk up and down the staircase of stairs in order to take things to the next level. One classic example is of this women completing the challenge while rocking heels. However, the viral challenge isn’t all fun and games. Many participants have been unsuccessfully completing the challenge and even getting hurt while attempting the balancing act. With some people taking things a little too far and plenty of fails, social media users are sharing memes that hilariously asking people to stop.

Viral challenges that have people attempting outlandish acts certainly aren’t anything new.

Others are throwing it back to a simpler crate challenge.

TBH, there are just so many epic fails making rounds on social media that you might wonder why people are even trying the crate challenge anymore.

With the trend gaining traction so rapidly, users are pointing out that it’s just all getting out of hand.

People have questions.

There’s no shortage of alternative crate challenges, and they all look a lot less dangerous than the latest iteration. (Read: this very adorable cat.)

Clearly, the crate challenge is having a moment, and if you’re itching for some crate action, take a cue from these Twitter users and use a meme to comment on the viral moment. And please, just don’t try to climb on milk crates.