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Twizzlers finally unveiled what its 2021 Mystery Flavor is, and it's definitely a berry.

Twizzlers Finally Revealed The Berry Inspiration For Its Mystery Flavor

It's totally perfect for summer.

Courtesy of Twizzlers

Drumroll, please. The day has finally come for all Twizzlers stans to find out the answer to the months-long question: What is Twizzlers’ Mystery Flavor? There’s been a wide range of guesses since the brand dropped the dark purple licorice ropes in April 2021, but there was one thing most people agreed on — it had to be some kind of berry flavor. Twizzlers finally revealed which fruit was the inspiration behind its mystery flavor — and if you were part of the berry hive, you might have guessed correctly.

As a refresher, some of the guesses that came in included complicated combos like blueberry açaí or chocolate and berry, but those missed the mark. Twizzlers revealed in an email to Elite Daily that the Twizzlers Twists Mystery Flavor is raspberry. Ryan Hagemeyer, Senior Associate Brand Manager, Twizzlers Brand, tells Elite Daily the mystery release was inspired by fan reactions to the limited launch of Izlers, aka Twizzlers without the twist, in summer 2020, and the brand wanted another way to connect with customers. “We really wanted to bring in our mystery flavor and some of the fun aspects that can come with a mystery flavor,” Hagemeyer says.

When it was time to choose a mystery flavor, the Twizzlers team got plenty of ideas from comments on Twizzlers’ social media accounts and consumer research. “We knew our top flavors were raspberry and some other fruit-forward flavors,” Hagemeyer says. It was the raspberry flavor that stood out when the taste tests began. Beating out flavors like watermelon, raspberry was crowned the winner, and a mystery flavor was born.

Courtesy of Twizzlers

The Twizzlers Mystery Flavor didn’t change much after its first sample round, but there were some minor changes. Tweaks were made to improve how long the flavor lingered — instead of raspberry hitting mainly on the front end, the final product was a solid delivery of raspberry flavor that stays consistent as you chew. Raspberry wasn’t the consensus as fans guessed throughout the spring, but you may be able to recognize it better now that you know the exact berry inspiration.

Even though the brand finally spilled the tea, you can still get a taste of the mystery flavor — you just won’t have to keep scratching your head to figure out what it is. Twizzlers Twists Mystery Flavor 16-ounce packages will be available through the summer for $2.39 per package. When you head to the grocery store to buy some Twizzlers, remember to keep in mind the most updated CDC guidelines on mask-wearing and running errands.