Fans Think Twizzlers Mystery Flavor Is A Berry Combo, But That’s Not All

Some people swear it’s Dr. Pepper.

Ever since the Twizzlers’ Mystery Flavor was released, people have been pretty split about what the actual flavor is. While you might expect to see a few different thoughts when a brand releases a mystery flavor, these Twizzlers Mystery Flavor guesses seriously run the gamut. If you haven’t tried the new mystery flavor yet, these guesses will have you running out for a pack ASAP to taste for yourself — and if you have tried them, you’ll probably want to go back for round two just to make sure you’re 100% confident in your guess.

The Twizzlers Twists Mystery Flavor was first announced on March 29, and they’re a departure from the classic strawberry licorice. The candy has caused quite the buzz on Twitter, but there isn’t a consensus on what flavor it is. Some popular guesses were blackberry, cherry, and cranberry. While most people said it tasted like some berry-inspired combo, there were a few opinions that it could be something entirely different, like Dr. Pepper or root beer flavor.

If you’ve already tried the bites, you can post your guess on the Twizzlers Twists Mystery Flavor tweet before the brand officially reveals the flavor sometime this summer. Fans will still have a while to wait before they can get the scoop on the actual flavor, but if you haven’t grabbed a bag yet, you can still take a guess after you give the candy a taste. A 16-ounce package of the Twizzlers Twists Mystery flavor will cost around $2.39, depending on the location.

OK, now it’s time to dive into the wild world of mystery flavor guesses. First up, cranberry:

Other people thought it could be a fruit and chocolate mix:

Some Twitter users even went a fruit and cola route:

Then, there were more straight-forward guesses, like blackberry:

Other people pointed out the subtlety of the taste and were pretty much stumped:

Others are came up with really unique flavors:

One person joked it’s “Snozzberry,” the fictional berry flavor from the classic movie Willy Wonka:

One person said it reminded them of Kool-Aid:

Root beer was thrown into the ring as a possibility:

Again, you won’t know the real flavor until Twizzlers reveals it this summer, but you can keep taste-testing in the meantime. When heading out to grab a pack, remember to check the CDC's latest guidance on social distancing and masking.